About Us

Prince Auro

We at Dinofarm Games have a number of values regarding games.  If you purchase one of our games, you can rest assured about the following things:


We won’t waste your time.  This manifests in a lot of ways.  During gameplay, we’re as quick and effective as we possibly can be about delivering what’s great about games to you:  interesting, meaningful decisions that are challenging but allow creativity.  Anything that isn’t gameplay, such as cutscenes or tutorials, is easily skipped.  We know you’ve got a limited amount of time, and we’re incredibly grateful for any that you’d lend us.  We promise to do well with it!

Anti-Exploitation, Pro-Expansion!  We will never sell you an incomplete game, and then try to get you to pay more to do better or to get access to the full game.  Anyone who buys one of our games immediately has a complete game that they can play forever.

However, we’re also pro-expansion.  We like the idea of being able to introduce new features and new ways to play with our systems, but this content will always be extra.  We’re always looking for more fair ways of selling this extra content to people.

Anti-Abandonment Policy!  We take care of our games long into the future.  We want people to be able to play our games forever, so when you get one of our games, you’re getting a lifetime guarantee that we’ll be supporting that product as much as we possibly can, for as long as we can.  That means balance patches, bug fixes, and even new content.

Games are Good!  We don’t think that games need to be “less game-like” to get better.  We think games – purely mechanical contests of decision-making – can be every bit as deep, enriching, moving and life-changing as any other form of art.  Not because of a theme laid on top, not because of a sad movie that plays between missions, but because of gameplay itself.


Our Philosophy

Games are important to humans, and this has been the case since well before the dawn of civilization.  Put two young children in a room by themselves, and watch them spontaneously erupt into basic game design:  “Ok!  You can’t touch the black tiles – they’re lava!”  Playing games is in our DNA, it’s a big part of what makes us human.

With the dawn of the digital age, it’s easy to forget this history and feel as though video games are some entirely new type of craft.  While digital games do offer game developers new opportunities that were never available before, the fundamentals of game design never have changed, and they never will.  It isn’t a matter of changing the fundamentals of  a craft – it’s about discovering them.  Our mission is to make games that can stand the test of time by embracing the fundamental aspects game design.  Along the way, we hope to discover new guidelines for good game design, to help advance the medium a few steps further.

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Our first game, 100 Rogues is critically acclaimed by reviewers far and wide.  Check out buzz about 100 Rogues here!


We’re now working on a new cross-platform game, titled AURO, which is scheduled for release in August of 2013.
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