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Auro in Humble Mobile Bundle #11!

Fantastic news! Auro is prominently featured in Humble Mobile Bundle #11! That’s right – if you have an Android device, this means that you can get the game for whatever price you want. You can also choose how much of your money goes to the developers (that’s us!), how much to the Humble fellas, and…

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Dinofarm Games has GONE EVIL! HA HA HA HA HA

HA HA HA HA HA!!! Dinofarm Games is no more! Now there is only DRAGONBARN GAMES, the world’s first openly evil game developers!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!!! Okay, so a few things are gonna change around here. I’m the lead designer, KAISER BUNDSON, and do ever I have some surprises for you unsuspecting IDIOT…

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Introducing the Dinofarm Podcast!

Dinofarm Games now officially has a podcast! In The Dinofarm Podcast, we discuss the factors that go into Auro‘s recent radical design changes, as well as thoughts about the past and future of Auro. If you’re a big Auro fan, you’re going to want to listen (if you don’t know Auro, you’ll have no idea…

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129 patch notes

Version 1.29 Patch Notes

Well, here it is! The official 1.29 patch-notes list. I don’t expect everyone to read this entire list (which took me about a week to compile), so here’s the TL;DR: New hud, massive rebalancing for high levels of play, there’s now 10 tutorial levels plus 10 you can unlock later, easiest levels made easier, some…

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Gameplay Balance for 1.29: Part 2 – Fixing the Metagame

Last week, we posted part 1 of this article, which was about tuning the gameplay rules for Version 1.29. In this part, we’ll be talking about the changes coming to Play Mode itself. While tuning the gameplay itself to be functional, the fact is that if the game isn’t operating at the optimal difficulty for…

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Gameplay Balance for 1.29: Part 1 – Fixing Gameplay

Hello everyone! If you missed them, we’ve already written two articles that should start to warm you up for the massively awesome and super-improved patch coming down the pipe. One was about general coarse tuning, and one was about the huge Tutorial improvements we made. There might also be another article soon about some visual…

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