The all-new Auro Tutorial video!

Blake, our lead artist, has been working his tail off for the last month on this thing, and it really shows. This video runs people through the basics of the game, and if I don’t mind saying, shows a ton of incredibly cool gameplay shots. Great work, Blake!  


Auro’s “Single-Player Elo System”

Over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten an increasing number of people asking about what we’ve done for Auro in terms of its scoring system and metagame. We’re doing something pretty different than most games do, and I dare say that not only is it vastly better than the traditional “high score” system, but I’d…

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Version 1.19 Patch Notes

This version is a bug-fix and smooth-out version. While we have a lot of exciting, dramatic gameplay changes planned, we’re getting close on an iOS build so we want to just make sure everything is smoothed out for now.   Changes – Hard mode made a teensy bit harder. The jump from Hard to Master…

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Version 1.15 Patch Notes

Version 1.15 focuses on improving Story Mode as a teaching tool. We think our Story Mode was really great as it was, but various parts of it – particularly the end boss battle – could have done a better job of explaining how the game is actually played in Play Mode (which is really what…

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So… what exactly is going on with iOS, anyway?

Roughly mid-September, we finally finished Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure. We launched on Android right away, saying that we’d have it out on iOS soon. It’s now been over a month – just what the hell is going on here!? The long-and-short of it is: we keep running into technical problems that cause the game to…

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Reasoning for 1.13

As you might have read, Version 1.13 is a pretty significant patch that will have positive effects on players at all skill levels. I thought I’d take a moment to walk people through the decisions made for this version. I know I personally love to read about the design decisions made on some of my…

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