Meet Prince Roderick!

    We hope you enjoyed this letter from Prince Roderick. He’s the first of several new characters you’ll face off against in the new Auro Bumping League system in 2.0.

Gearing Up for the PC Version (And 2.0)!

Hello all, and Happy New Year from Dinofarm Games. It’s been awhile since we’ve done a general “state of the team” update, so I thought I’d let you know where we are right now. Obviously, we’re still working on the colossal Auro 2.0 update, which you can read about all over this site. Here’s something…

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Casual vs. Hardcore – Settling the Score

Today, we have a guest article from Auro beta tester and game design writer LuditeSam (“Disquisitor Sam” on the Dinofarm Forums). Sam originally wrote a shorter version of this article on the Dinofarm forums as a response to another user who had mentioned that Auro’s “ranking” system was a bit too “hardcore” and intimidating for…

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Shooting for a Silent Tutorial

If you’ve been following Auro’s release, one of the jokes about the game is the fact that Auro launched with “30 tutorials“, which sounds like a ton. In reality, most of these tutorials would get completed in about five seconds, but the fact remains that it’s a lot of stuff, and tutorials kind of suck….

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Autumn Update! 2.0 Details

Hello all! Sorry we’ve been quiet for the last couple of months! We’ve been studiously working on Auro 2.0, as well as the Steam Early Access version, both of which should be ready in about two weeks or so. We plan to launch them together, in a big Auro 2.0 launch initiative. I wanted to…

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Hard Monsters in Auro 2.0

Today I want to talk about some of the nitty-gritty balance / redesign changes we’re making for the late game of Auro’s Play Mode. If you’re a game-designer type, or a serious Auro player, you’ll probably get a   The basic gameplay of Auro is like this: you bump monsters into the water to kill…

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