Reasoning for 1.13

As you might have read, Version 1.13 is a pretty significant patch that will have positive effects on players at all skill levels. I thought I’d take a moment to walk people through the decisions made for this version. I know I personally love to read about the design decisions made on some of my favorite games – I absolutely love reading patch notes – but even better is hearing the why. So that’s what this is.

Before I go on, I should quickly mention that the latest version that’s out on Google Play (and Amazon!) is actually 1.14 – this is just a hotfix cleanup patch that cleaned up a couple of residual bugs from the big 1.13 patch.

If you haven’t already, you can read the complete notes for 1.13 HERE.


This was the biggest thing about this patch, so I’ll talk about this first. I already made a small blurb in the last post explaining the reasoning, but I’ll go on a bit more in detail now. I can’t talk about Firebomb without first talking about Flame Trap, the old spell and why it needed to be replaced. Continue reading

Version 1.13: New spell, less random movement, and better placement!

Hey everyone! Here’s an exciting new patch that should make the game better at every level of play. Also: we’re working on submitting the game to the Samsung App Store, so look for news on that soon!


Version 1.13 Patch Notes

- Flame Trap skill replaced with Firebomb. Firebomb (4CD) affects a diagonally adjacent tile (like Jump) and causes that tile to “explode”, pushing any adjacent monsters back. If there’s a monster on the tile, he gets Smokey Flavor, otherwise a flame is created on the tile.

Reasoning: Flame Trap was not an interesting skill. It didn’t do anything really to the game state, and optimal use of it was just “use it when you have it”. In fact, you’d almost always want to use it when the board was clear before anything was happening. Firebomb is an opportunity to give Auro one more tool that’s actually tactical, and in our testing it’s been a real blast to use!‚Äč

- Better Placement Matches. We’ve added a new difficulty setting just for Placement Matches. It now gets much, much harder much faster. Here are the thresholds: [5, 15, 25, 30, 45, 60, 70, 85, 100]
- Nonrandom movement code. We changed the movement code so that when monsters move into a tile that’s adjacent to Auro, they will tend to do it in the same direction *or as similar a direction as possible*. Other movement, such as when actors run from Auro or approach from further away, still has a chance to be random.
– Explosions no longer “stack-push”; this means that if you have Fire | Rat | Rat, the game would push both rats out when you walk into the flame. Now, it won’t.
– Story Mode level 2 now requires the player to get 5 points before proceeding.
– Master 1 goal 100 => 90. Hard Mode’s difficulty slightly increased overall.
– All game modes now perpetually get harder and harder as levels go on by adding an extra Curse Kid and Licorice Bat on every level after a certain point.
– Segment reward for clearing a level reduced from 3=>2.
– Fixed a bug where exploded or rotisseried actors would stand still for an extra turn
– Fixed Story Mode Intro-monster portraits
– Improved many notes and other small text details


Discuss the patch HERE:


Also, if you’re interested in helping us with beta versions, sign up on the forums and send a PM to keithburgun (that’s me) and let me know.

Version 1.11 (And submitted to Amazon!)

This is a small patch that makes a ton of incremental improvements and bugfixes. The biggest thing is that the Conversation system has been improved massively, and so it should feel a lot better to interact with now.

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Version 1.11 Patch Notes

- Massive conversation system improvements. Please play through PLAY and STORY mode and look for any significant issues
– Points required for +1 HP on Story Mode reduced from 30 to 20.
– Transitions between difficulty levels in Play Mode made a bit easier (lower levels have a lower point requirement)
– Smokey Flavor no longer re-colors actors, instead just plays more puffs
– BUGFIX: shouldn’t be giving more than 1 ultimate ever, except in MADNESS mode.
– BUGFIX: should check for if you’ve won the game AS you’re exiting a level now
– BUGFIX: (Maybe?) fixed end of Tutorial 2, hopefully
– Many other bugfixes and improvements


In other news, we just submitted Auro to the Amazon App Store. We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available there. EDIT: It’s available there!

As always, you can leave a comment below, or get into the discussion thread on the forums.

Version 1.10 Patch Notes

Overall, this patch fixes a number of bugs with Story Mode and Tutorial. It also makes the boss fight way easier and fixes a few other balance issues. In addition, it adds a cool screen that allows you to view notes you’ve already found AND makes an improvement to battery usage. Enjoy!
1.10 Patch Notes

  • Story mode now contains “objectives” – small popup windows that tell you what you should be doing. This is particularly useful on the boss fight, where some players weren’t sure what they were supposed to do. Objectives can also be seen from the game menu at any time.
  • Boss fight is way easier: now only spawns bats, rats and slimes. Beyond that, it also should be spawning a smaller number of monsters.
  • On the other hand, we fixed a bug which allowed you to kill the final boss in one shot (using an air vortex)
  • The first non-tutorial level (cellar) of Story Mode now contains only a single monster – the Jelly – and you’re forced to kill him before you can proceed.
  • General polish to several screens
  • Lots of text improvements for clarity
  • Note List added. You can now view all the notes you’ve collected via the Note List screen, available under RECORDS from the title screen.
  • Battery usage improvement: the game should now shut itself down after 10 minutes of being idle.
  • Bugfix: Help screen via game menu should no longer be locking up
  • Bugfix: Tutorial 2 shouldn’t be locking up right near the end


As always, you can discuss this patch here, or over at our forums!