Keeping Movement Code Clean in Alakaram

Editor’s Note: We’ve officially begun development of Alakaram, and it’s coming along well. Today, we have an article from our programmer and resident origami master Nicholas Maddalena on keeping our code clean. We hope it’ll be useful for people making all sorts of games. Enjoy! As you may have heard, Dinofarm’s newest game Alakaram recently…

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Alakaram: first details!

Behold! Before we get into the details of what’s going on, please enjoy this speed-painted image that Blake Reynolds, our lead artist created as a vision of what Alakaram might look like. A really neat thing we’re doing is, we’re not actually going to do tile generation in this game. If you think about Auro,…

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Returning to “Alakaram” as Auro’s Spiritual Sequel

Hey everyone! This will be a short post, but I wanted to let people know that we’re UN-SHELVING Alakaram – sort of! Okay so, about two years ago, we started working on a “spiritual sequel to Auro“. The idea was, at first, to make Auro but with longer strategic arcs. At some point, we decided…

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Auro & Jelly Bomber 25% off on Steam!

It’s a spooky Dinofarm Halloween Sale over on Steam! Go grab Auro and Jelly Bomber for 25% off right now! Also, you can grab Keith’s game Escape the Omnochronom!, which is also 25% off! Thanks so much for your support!

Jelly Bomber in Early Access on Steam!

Amazing news! Dinofarm Games’ third official game (we’re not counting our 24-hour game, Sheepshifter), Jelly Bomber, has been released on Steam. All the beautiful art you’re seeing is by Blake Reynolds (he’s also working on the title screen music!). All the programming was done by Nicholas Maddelena. I did the game design, sounds/music, and a…

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Jelly Bomber now available on itch.io!

Wooo! You can now pick up Jelly Bomber on itch.io! The basic concept of Jelly Bomber was something like: can we “strategy-game-ify Dr.Mario?” It was a bit of an experiment, but I’m really pleased with the results. You can kinda just play it like you’d play a traditional abstract puzzle-game sort of thing, but at…

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