Version 1.27 Patch Notes

Hello everyone! So remember when we said that 1.26 would be the version hitting the app store? Well, we actually had to sneak in a few more fixes to make the tutorial less brick-wall-ish for new players. While we were at it, we threw in a new app icon, some technical fixes, and even some rule fixes. Those two-tile-movers no longer being random is a big deal!

Anyway, this version will *actually* be the first iOS version. We’ll post again when we finally hit the App Store! See you there!


Version 1.27 Patch Notes

– Many, many improvements to Tutorial, which should now be a much smoother ride
– Changed some wording with certain in-game messages to make things more clear
– Lord Vargas now no longer moves randomly when adjacent to you
– 2-tile movers no longer move randomly (bats, curse kids)
– A few other small bug fixes
– New app icon!


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auroDinofarm Gamespatch notes

keithburgun • 02/08/2015

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