Version 1.10 Patch Notes

Overall, this patch fixes a number of bugs with Story Mode and Tutorial. It also makes the boss fight way easier and fixes a few other balance issues. In addition, it adds a cool screen that allows you to view notes you’ve already found AND makes an improvement to battery usage. Enjoy!
1.10 Patch Notes

  • Story mode now contains “objectives” – small popup windows that tell you what you should be doing. This is particularly useful on the boss fight, where some players weren’t sure what they were supposed to do. Objectives can also be seen from the game menu at any time.
  • Boss fight is way easier: now only spawns bats, rats and slimes. Beyond that, it also should be spawning a smaller number of monsters.
  • On the other hand, we fixed a bug which allowed you to kill the final boss in one shot (using an air vortex)
  • The first non-tutorial level (cellar) of Story Mode now contains only a single monster – the Jelly – and you’re forced to kill him before you can proceed.
  • General polish to several screens
  • Lots of text improvements for clarity
  • Note List added. You can now view all the notes you’ve collected via the Note List screen, available under RECORDS from the title screen.
  • Battery usage improvement: the game should now shut itself down after 10 minutes of being idle.
  • Bugfix: Help screen via game menu should no longer be locking up
  • Bugfix: Tutorial 2 shouldn’t be locking up right near the end


As always, you can discuss this patch here, or over at our forums!



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