Introducing the Dinofarm Community Podcast!

Hi everyone! Today, I’d like to introduce a new cool thing that has come out of the Dinofarm Games community forums/discord: the Dinofarm Community Podcast! If you’re looking for game design discussion, it’s definitely something to keep on your radar. Some topics in this episode include: Information Horizons Input/Output Randomness Mastery and playing to win…

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Introducing: Alakaram

I know I’ve said a few different things about what the direction will be for Dinofarm Games going forward over the last few months. The truth is, we really haven’t been sure what we were going to do, until just recently. Our new game plan (literally a game plan) is to make a spiritual sequel…

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Sheepshifter – the result of a 24-hour game jam!

Hey! Usually it takes Dinofarm Games an average of four years to make a game. But we just made one completely from scratch in the last 24 hours. You, the community, voted on the name, and Sheepshifter pulled it out at the last minute by just one vote! Anyway, we worked really hard for 24…

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Dinofarm Games in 2017: Part 3 – The Patreon!

We’ve launched a Patreon campaign! Obviously, if you can support what we do, we would be extremely appreciative. Patrons get lots of behind-the-scenes footage, early access to prototypes, custom roles in our Discord channel, and much more. If you can’t support us financially, please consider helping us out by spreading the link around! To commemorate…

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Dinofarm Games in 2017: Part 2 – Mystery Launch Stream Game!

In about a week, we’ll be launching our Patreon campaign. On the same day, we’ll start a stream of a 24-hour “game jam”, where Blake and I create a game from scratch. What game, you ask? No, you don’t ask. You tell! We have a poll, here, which will allow you to choose from five…

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Dinofarm Games in 2017: Part 1 – Background

We’ve been talking about upcoming major announcements a lot over the past four months or so. The reality is that we’ve had a number of projects happening in the background, but we just haven’t been exactly sure of how they would… happen, exactly. To put it another way, how would they fit into a “working…

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