Dinofarm Community Podcast Episode 11

Hi everyone! It’s time for another episode of the Dinofarm Community Podcast, the podcast on game design run by members of the Dinofarm Games community. Goals vs “Anti-goals” Randomness vs hidden information Strawmanning Keith Burgun (Hey! ) Designing multiplayer mechanics into single player games If you like this kind of discussion, you can come by…

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This Saturday: Dinofarm All-Day Dev-Stream!

This weekend, Dinofarm Games is going to be streaming all day long over at Twitch,  luckily we have top gaming headphones with good microphone for this event.  If you like watching cool weird interesting games being developed, like our (now-real-time) Alakaram, you should come watch. If you like watching silly antics like this one below,…

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Dinofarm Community Podcast Episode 10

Hello! Are you ready for another Dinofarm Community Podcast episode!? Well here one comes! Enjoy the improved audio quality of this episode. Topics covered: Hopenager’s latest plan disruption article How plan disruption applies to X-Com Pro/cons of different plan disruption schemes Tactics and strategy arcs   Thanks for listening. Also: make sure to come by…

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Alakaram Real Time Monster Design on Twitch

Things have been a little quieter than usual on the Dino-Farm for the last few weeks, but they’re starting to pick up now. Today I did a short video on Twitch talking about the real-time monster designs. The big question was, how are monsters going to work in real time? We want the game to…

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Dinofarm Community Podcast Episode 9

Hello! Check out the latest Dinofarm Community Podcast episode. Here are the topics of this week’s episodes: Evizaer’s new article on tension The characteristics of actions How these characteristics interact to produce tension A bit about the relationship between planning actions and the information horizon Enjoy, and thanks for listening.   http://www.dinofarmgames.com/communitypodcast/episode09.mp3Podcast: Play in new…

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Dinofarm Community Podcast Episode 8

Hello Dinofarm Community Podcast listeners! Here’s another episode for you. As Swiftspear explains in the beginning, it’s a bit of a different episode. Topics: The Dinofarm community itself The “Sirlineous exodus” – regarding the Fantasy Strike community surrounding David Sirlin’s games Redless’ games Theming and marketing of indie games Enjoy!   http://www.dinofarmgames.com/communitypodcast/episode08.mp3Podcast: Play in new…

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