Dinofarm Community Podcast Episode 9

Hey all! Here’s a new Dinofarm Community Podcast episode. This episode talks about the game design lessons we can draw from deckbuilding games. Enjoy! http://www.dinofarmgames.com/communitypodcast/episode19.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

Community Podcast Episode #18

Hey hey! It’s time for another podcast episode with the Dinofarm Community. Here’s the topics discussed in this episode: Actor removal BrainGoodGames‘ Minos Strategos Complexity Content Enjoy! Also, stay tuned because we have a Dinofarm Patron Podcast coming later tonight! http://www.dinofarmgames.com/communitypodcast/episode18.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

The “But Good!” Design Model, and Jelly Bomber

Been playing a lot of Civilization recently – specifically, I played a lot of V and VI recently. The experience began and ended as every Civilization experience I’ve ever had since I played the original: initial excitement, pretty fun first 50-100 turns, and then a rather quick drop-off into an extremely boring, repetitive, meaningless “next…

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Forums are back online!

The Dinofarm Forums are BACK ONLINE! For the last month, we’ve been dealing with a really annoying and persistent problem, but we’re good now finally, just in time for Thanksgiving! Thanks for your patience, everyone.

Dinofarm Community Podcast 17

Hi everyone! I was on this week’s Dinofarm Community Podcast, wherein we have a sort-of-debate about Hopenager’s ideas about high score systems VS my own ideas about binary win conditions (win/loss). I thought it went pretty well! We also touch on a few other ideas in there too. We meant to go 30 minutes, but…

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