The Art Barn: The Cool Rules of Spriting

Those of you who know about Dinofarm Games might know about its lead designer and columnist Keith Burgun.  Anyone who knows him in person would also know me, because we’re housemates.  I’m willing to bet, though, that there are a few people(maybe on the internet) who know Keith and don’t know me.  First off, you…

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Auro: Monsters & Their Abilities

With regards to monsters in Auro, the original plan was to have the first level be the only non-random level.  The idea was that it would always be full of Rats, which would be the only “easy” monster in the game, having no abilities.  Again, since Auro is a game where most monsters have 1…

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Our new site!

Oooo… touch that top bar, it’s all fuzzy!  Anyway, we have a new website.  It’s still based in WordPress, but vastly improved from the previous version.  What do you think?  What does it need? Here are a few of its features: New design & logo – Do you like our new logo?  I hope you…

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Introducing: Auro, The Golden Prince

EDIT:  Everything in this article is now wrong. Above is prince Auro, the main character of Dinofarm Games’ upcoming game, titled Auro, The Golden Prince.  Today, we’ll be introducing you to the basics of the game and how it works.  But before we get all theoretical on you, you should know that Auro be a…

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News, and Rock Paper Shotgun coverage

Rock Paper Shotgun usually only covers PC games, but not today!  They broke their own rules for 100 Rogues!  Fantastic!  Check out their article HERE. As for us, we’ve been a bit quiet because we’ve been working on a secret “just for cash” project, that we may or may not actually give more information about…

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Game Balance @ Gamasutra

Our lead designer Keith Burgun writes, “That’s a major reason that balance in game design is so difficult to achieve — it can be so difficult to perceive. There aren’t always clean-cut, mathematical ways to balance your game; at the end of the day, it tends to come down to an educated guess on the…

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