Auro Name Change

Hi everyone!  This is just a quick post to let people know that we are changing the name of our upcoming game, “Auro: The Golden Prince”.  It’s been a long deliberation process, that all started from my brilliant idea to add the word “Destiny” to the title.  “Man, we should totally add the word ‘Destiny’…

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Common Misconceptions about “AURO”

Since we announced our upcoming game, Auro: The Golden Prince several months ago, some questions have repeatedly cropped up.  Today I’d like to quickly address some of these to clear things up. Auro is CROSS PLATFORM.  A lot of people still seem to think that the game will only be available on iOS (probably because…

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New “Auro” Promotional Painting by Hanzo Steinbach

Hey all, check out this promotional action painting by artist Hanzo Steinbach for our game, Auro: The Golden Prince! Click here for a full size, uncompressed image. We want to thank Hanzo for his magnificent work on this!  We feel that this picture really captures the spirit of playing Auro, in that he’s surrounded by…

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Design Journal: Auro’s Fire and Ice Abilities

Not too many people know this, but I’ve actually been working on the game design for our upcoming game, Auro: The Golden Prince for almost two years.  The first year was pretty much working out what the concept of the game would be.  As I’ve mentioned before, I originally thought that the game would be…

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The Post-Kickstarter Game-Plan for “Auro”

Sad-face, because: our Kickstarter didn’t make it.  That probably comes as no surprise to anyone who has, say, ever run a Kickstarter before, given that our target amount was a rather high $15,000.  I think a lot of people saw it and were kind of confused about why it cost that much to make.  Well,…

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THE ART BARN: Designing and Redesigning “Auro”

[Note from the editor: We just over-hauled our Kickstarter video with this new design.  Please check it out, and consider donating!  We only have a week left!  With that said, please enjoy this latest installment of THE ART BARN, in which our lead artist Blake Reynolds dishes out some helpful experience with character design.] This…

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