Dinofarm Games in 2017: Part 1 – Background

We’ve been talking about upcoming major announcements a lot over the past four months or so. The reality is that we’ve had a number of projects happening in the background, but we just haven’t been exactly sure of how they would… happen, exactly. To put it another way, how would they fit into a “working…

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Rank 18 Play!

Wanna see what Auro looks like at the highest (known) levels of play? Check out this playthrough from Toad Racer, one of the world’s top Auro players! In other news – we know things have been quiet for awhile. Stay tuned, we’ll have an announcement about our next game in the coming weeks!


Auro 2.0 Patch Notes

This one is a doozy – it’s even larger than our legendary 1.29 patch notes. Later on, we’ll have more articles about specific aspects of this patch, as well as a podcast episode. As of the time of this writing, this patch is available in the new Steam release version. The update will be coming,…

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Auro is Now Available on Steam!

It has been an incredibly long and arduous journey. From a failed Kickstarter in 2011, to a successful one in 2012, to another failed one in 2015, to getting successfully Greenlit on Steam, there have been a ton of ups and downs for this game over the years. But we always believed in our game,…

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Auro on Steam Tomorrow!

Heads up! Auro: A Monster-Bumping Adventure is coming to Steam April 13th at 9:00 AM EST! As of the time of this writing, that’s tomorrow! This also includes the incredibly huge, almost-could-have-been-sold-as-a-sequel Version 2.0 patch. I’ve been working on those patch notes for some time, let me tell you. Thanks everyone for your patience. We’re…

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Meet Prince Roderick!

    We hope you enjoyed this letter from Prince Roderick. He’s the first of several new characters you’ll face off against in the new Auro Bumping League system in 2.0.

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