Jelly Bomber coming to Steam Aug. 8th!

Jelly Bomber will be hitting Steam Early Access on August 8th! We’re really excited to get people playing the game and get some feedback on our first three characters: Berry Baron, Bunny Girl and Squid Boy.   Thanks so much to everyone who supports us on Patreon! Let’s get the word out.


Jelly Bomber at Play NYC, and Auro on sale

Hey everyone! Sorry we’ve been quiet for awhile, but I come bearing cool news: Jelly Bomber will be exhibited at PLAY NYC this year! We’re gonna be on the main floor, and the whole crew will be there: myself, Blake, Nick, and Jenny! If you’re near New York, consider coming by and saying hi. Also…

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Dragonbarn Presents: People Bomber

Dinofarm Games, our sister company, has been working on a game called “Jelly Bomber” for awhile now, and they’re even getting pretty close to finished. One of the great things about our little arrangement is that in addition to selling great products like coin-pushing games, cigarette coupons, and no refunds, we also are in the…

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Dinofarm Community Podcast Episode 9

Hey all! Here’s a new Dinofarm Community Podcast episode. This episode talks about the game design lessons we can draw from deckbuilding games. Enjoy! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

Community Podcast Episode #18

Hey hey! It’s time for another podcast episode with the Dinofarm Community. Here’s the topics discussed in this episode: Actor removal BrainGoodGames‘ Minos Strategos Complexity Content Enjoy! Also, stay tuned because we have a Dinofarm Patron Podcast coming later tonight! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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