What’s Different About AURO?

It’s a valid question:  what’s really different about AURO?  At first glance, it may appear to be just another Roguelike.  It has been compared to something like Zaga-33, or Desktop Dungeons.  In fact, AURO is not like any of these, and is an earnestly new game in dozens of ways.  I get asked a lot,…

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AURO Alpha Gameplay Video & Our New Programmer!

Hey everyone!  It’s time to show off our wonderful alpha version.  There’s some narration by our lead designer (me!) and some annotations, too.  Please let us know what you think so far. Also we’d like to take this time to announce that Andrew Furst (who you may have heard on last week’s Dinofarm Podcast) has…

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Hey! I wrote a book!

Some readers may be aware that I’m not only the lead designer here at Dinofarm Games, but I also write for a few other sites, most notably Gamasutra.  What you might not have known is that I am now an actual author of an actual book!  Huzzah! My first book, Game Design Theory:  A New…

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Roguelike Radio Episode 41: Score Systems

Hi everyone!  I don’t usually post this sort of thing here on Dinofarm Games, but I thought that this episode went really well, and it kind of serves as a Dinofarm article in a way.  It compliments my two articles on score, I think.  Check it out, over at Roguelike Radio!


Big AURO Updates for July

Hey everyone.  Just thought I’d drop in to update people on some key things about AURO’s progress and how it’s going.  Firstly, a couple of general progress notes, and then some more interesting stuff about new directions for AURO. Now Entering “Finish The Game Mode” After almost two full years, we’re finally ready to enter…

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Why People Think Turn-Based is “Boring”

I started playing a bit of the expansion for Civilization V (Gods and Kings) recently.  I will say that it brought Civ V mostly up to the level of the other Civ games.  Combat is a little better than Civ IV, but some other things are a little worse.  The new system for spies seems…

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