Kickstarter Success, New Programmer and Auro Developments!

Our Kickstarter was a smashing success!  We want to say thank you so much to all those who contributed, as well as those who passed the link around.  Even though we hope we’d be able to make AURO either way, it’s really nice to know that there is a demand for a game like AURO out there.  If you know a little about our history, you might be able to see a bit of irony in us making almost exactly 15K for this Kickstarter (if you don’t know, the reason that it’s funny is expressed here).

Anyway, it’s great, and we’re super happy about the whole thing!  We learned a lot, so expect us to write some kind of “how-to-Kickstarter” type articles in the next few weeks.

New Programmer!

The other big news is that Cardinal Quest developer Ido Yehieli has left the team.  It was always sort of the plan to have him get us to this point of having a working alpha and a successful Kickstarter.  Ido is, like myself, a game designer at heart, and so he’s really got his hands full with his own exciting projects (you can keep up on them over at http://blog.tametick.com/ ).  Now that we’ve got the Kickstarter funds, we can actually pay a programmer.  We’re currently trying someone out for a trial period (and they’re doing quite well), so we’ll probably have an announcement about him in the upcoming weeks.

AURO Developments!

This whole time, we’ve been chugging away on AURO.  During the last month we’ve made a new tileset, designed and implemented an entirely new HUD, revamped how attacks work, redesigned the abilities several times over, and much, much more.  Here’s a screenshot of the new HUD design, if you’re curious (old tileset seen there).

This isn't the final hud ARTWORK, just the new layout. Old tileset shown.

So, a really big thing here is that we’ve done away with the “folders” setup that was there before.  This means half as much clicking is required to play!  Hooray for that.  But also, you’ll be able to see cooldowns counting down (or possibly filling up) after you use abilities.  This does mean that you’re limited to five disciplines, but I think that’s more than enough.  Also, you’re limited to two scrolls, but again, I think that’s actually a perfect amount.
So off we go!  Expect to hear big news and see big updates in the next month, which we hope will be the most productive month for AURO development ever.  News about the beta will be forthcoming soon, too.

keithburgun • 06/29/2012

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  1. Kdansky 06/30/2012 - 6:13 am Reply

    Yeah, I was commenting in chat yesterday that the 15k mark is quite funny, but nobody was around.

    If you only got five slots, you can actually make “upgraded” abilities, because having redundancy is sometimes useful (to cope with cooldowns) and if you have to replace something, you might as well keep your build intact.

    Though there are a lot of missing skills right now.

    • keithburgun 06/30/2012 - 10:13 am Reply

      That’s true. We’re working on it!

  2. alastair 07/01/2012 - 11:37 pm Reply

    Have you playet Mage Knight board gaMe? Keithy?


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