Introducing the Dinofarm Podcast!

Dinofarm Games now officially has a podcast!

final podcast designIn The Dinofarm Podcast, we discuss the factors that go into Auro‘s recent radical design changes, as well as thoughts about the past and future of Auro. If you’re a big Auro fan, you’re going to want to listen (if you don’t know Auro, you’ll have no idea what we’re talking about!)

The first episode discusses – of course – the huge 1.29 patch changes. Our guests are myself (Dinofarm’s lead designer), Blake Reynolds (lead artist), as well as two of our best and brightest beta-testers: Alex “Vivafringe” Chen, the assumed #1 Auro player on the planet, and “Ludite Sam” Kramer.


Download the podcast here!

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keithburgun • 03/15/2015

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