Gearing Up for the PC Version (And 2.0)!

Hello all, and Happy New Year from Dinofarm Games. It’s been awhile since we’ve done a general “state of the team” update, so I thought I’d let you know where we are right now.

Obviously, we’re still working on the colossal Auro 2.0 update, which you can read about all over this site. Here’s something exciting: for the first time in months, I don’t have massive changes to report to you. That’s because the 2.0 gameplay changes have started to solidify and now we’re in the bug-fixing/balance phase.

The big things that are holding up release are:

  • Making the game as easy to learn as humanly possible.
  • The PC version in general, just porting the app is a big job.
  • The new PC widescreen HUD – both the art for it and the implementation
  • The new mobile 2.0 HUD. That’s right, we’re doing ANOTHER HUD overhaul. This one focuses a lot on clarity though and I think players will find it vastly easier to understand what they’re looking at (look forward to more on that in the near future).
  • Oh, and we gotta also update all the online materials – new trailer, update the wiki, etc.

Beyond that, like I said, it’s just bug-fixing and balance. We expect that the game should be ready for its Steam release early-mid February, and the 2.0 update should hit mobile devices at about the same time.

Plans for the Year

Auro is now approaching its sixth year of development. The last game that we put out before Auro was 100 Rogues, which came out in 2010. Part of this is because in the past, we’ve just had very little funding. We were really flattered to gain the support of Kickstarter backers in 2012 who gave us about $14k to support the project. It certainly helped “kickstart” the project, but game development – especially for a team like ours, that cares about getting it right – is a lot more costly than we knew back then.

With that in mind, Dinofarm Games is going to operate a little bit differently in the future. Essentially, we need to work within our means while not sacrificing quality. What that probably means for the short term is smaller-scope games – things that we can actually make in six months.

The good news for players is that they’ll hopefully start getting a Dinofarm Game or two per year for awhile, up from one every five years.

At this time, we have three basically-functional prototypes in the works, not to mention another half-dozen ideas that we’re considering pursuing. For now, we just have to finish this major Auro re-construction and get it out to its PC users, who we expect will be most excited about the game.

As always, you can come to the Dinofarm Games Forums to connect with us and stay tuned to the nitty gritty details, make suggestions, and even become a beta tester. We hope to see you around!


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keithburgun • 01/09/2016

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