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Weird Dreams

Discussion in 'Other Topics' started by Erenan, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. Erenan

    Erenan Well-Known Member

    I dreamed that I was working for Rand Paul. One way or another, he was transformed into a dog and it was up to me to try to figure out a way to change him back. But even if I fail, there's no rule that a dog can't be a member of Congress.
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  2. Erenan

    Erenan Well-Known Member

    I dreamed that instead of a toilet, my bathroom just had an open manhole set in the floor. My wife told me it was clogged and wanted me to unclog it, but I ran some water down it and it drained just fine. Then I heard some eerie noises coming from the hole and got really scared. I was worried something horrible would crawl out of there. Sure enough, a skeletal dude climbed out of the hole and started chasing me outside! The skeleton was like a frail old man with a hat and a cane, but just like his body, the hat and cane were also made of bone. I realized the old skeleton man was too slow and weak to harm me, so I snatched his cane and tripped him with it. Then two more skeletons appeared from around the street corner. And these ones had helmets and guns! One had a pistol in each hand and the other had a shotgun. The helmets and the guns were also made of bone. So I was like, I gotta fight em. So I started flying and throwing grenades at them, but finally I figured out that only bone bullets could hurt em so I flew in between them and then dodged out of the way when they both shot at me, and so they accidentally shot each other and died.
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