Version 1.19/1.21 Patch Notes

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  1. keithburgun

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    This version is a bug-fix and smooth-out version. While we have a lot of exciting, dramatic gameplay changes planned, we're getting close on an iOS build so we want to just make sure everything is smoothed out for now.


    - Hard mode made a teensy bit harder. The jump from Hard to Master is a bit too rough.
    - Level 1 of story mode is now surrounded by flame so that the player can't kill the rat by bumping him in the water.
    - Placement match now errs on the side of "placing you slightly low". I figure it's better to win a bunch of games in a row, especially since we have win streaks.

    Bug Fixes
    - Fixed bug where fliers that bounce and land on water are no longer targetable for Snowball
    - Explode now properly pushes fliers out 2 tiles
    - Explode should now cause actors to bounce from a current even if there's a pillar behind them
    - Fixed vargas appearing as the Brute sometimes
    - Troggles now always charge 3 tiles when they can (none of this weird 2 tile charge business)
    - Gwenny now saps Abom turns with her attacks
    - Fixed actors not wanting to walk over Floe-Water
    - Curse Candy now has quillsh say a line sometimes, instead of "Cast curse" which makes no sense
    - Fixed bug where player can't dismount from a jump to a floed-water tile
    - Can no longer walk onto a squid as Abomination (caused weird effects)
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  2. Senator

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    Not included on the change log: You are now teleported back to the beginning and lose 1 barrier when you have no moves. The way this is implemented, it's actually pretty confusing. I'd prefer that you have to tap the screen when you have no moves before it teleports you--and of course this is a necessity to test it properly--if you can't study the position, you can't determine whether the game is correct that there are no legal moves.
  3. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    This has actually been in the game since 2013 or something, heh. It just never works. I guess you experienced it working once.

    Good call about the tap. I'll add a to-do about that.

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