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    Version 1.15 focuses on improving Story Mode as a teaching tool. We think our Story Mode was really great as it was, but various parts of it - particularly the end boss battle - could have done a better job of explaining how the game is actually played in Play Mode (which is really what Auro is all about!)

    Also, I discovered a couple of nonrandom move code bugs that were causing a bunch of issues. If you were confused by version 1.13/1.14's "nonrandom" move code, that's why!

    Here's the notes!

    Version 1.15 Patch Notes

    • Significant improvements to Story Mode (don't read this section if you don't want anything spoiled)
      • The final boss battle now has a score requirement and utilizes the Brashness Bar, just like in Play Mode. You don't need to cover the pillars; just kill enough monsters to drain the brashness bar.
        • Rationale: the old boss fight was cool in a Super Nintendo boss fight kind of way, but it really didn't teach players the object of the game. This new boss fight leads players smoothly into their Play Mode careers.
      • Final boss can now spawn tricksters, as well as rats, slimes and foxies
      • "Points" displays are completely turned off until they are formally introduced in the final boss battle
      • All levels now have objectives that pop up and tell you what you should be doing. Check your objective at any time in the Menu.
      • Revamped some story mode levels to make them more of a singular "lesson"
    • "Points This Level" display added to the level-end state (this feature is known as The Sam Feature)
      • Rationale: players like seeing how well they've done on an individual level, and we don't think there's any issue with letting them see that.
    • Placement difficulty tweak - increased the threshold for reaching Master Mode.
      • Rationale: players were reaching Master Mode in the placement match, and then getting crushed back down to Rank 9 or even Rank 8.
    • Bug Fixes
      • There were two huge bugs in the non-random move code. Actors now will, when approaching Auro, move in a direction most-similar to the direction Auro last moved.
      • Explosions now push Fliers back 2 tiles
      • Explosions now kill adjacent fliers in currents

    :argo: "Alright! Not only do I get to show off how BRASH I am, but I that moron Auro can't bump me into the water anymore!? Seems like a win for me."

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