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  1. keithburgun

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    Hey, so I know that its been a few days since the last version and the last version itself was kinda awkward and weird and still had that city bug. I'm told that there will be a new version on Monday afternoon. It has a ton of improvements - too many to list really. The team is wanting this to kind of be the version we release, in terms of rules/balance etc, so starting on Monday we'll need some serious testing.

    A few of the biggest upcoming changes:
    - You can now build any kind of unit any time, but the default prices for them are 60, 120, and 120 respectively. Building the archer/cav buildings reduces the cost by 25 per building you have.
    - "Actions" are now a resource in combat called "Command", which you get +1 of every turn, and they stay with you turn to turn in combat.
    - Spell cards now all cost 2 command to use. Action cards cost either 1 or 0.
    - Cavalry can only attack the tile in front of them and the two frontward adjacent directions

    Also in Monday's build, we'll have a tutorial.
  2. Senator

    Senator Moderator

    One thing that makes me nervous about the new handling of cavalry and archer buildings is that, now that the game has become far more about dealing with limited resources (particularly materials), choosing these upgrades might become something of an obvious choice. For example, once I have one shaman's hut in my empire--giving me access to spell cards--why would ever choose to have two or three huts when the resource discounts from two cavalry buildings are so attractive? Would it ever be worth it to choose a farm, when the alternative is a nice discount on archers plus a bonus to defense of my city?

    I'm not sure of the answers to those, but the paired upgrades for the cav/archer buildings might need some tweaking. Some ideas:

    Fortified farms: Transfer the local +2 defense effect from Guard Towers to the farms.
    Farms of the Pharaoh: Farms work the same as they do now, but the produce from the newly cultivated land is tax-free (i.e., it isn't subject to the waste penalty, or it is subject to a lower rate).
    Shaman huts: Transfer the local +2 defense effect from Guard Towers to shaman--their magic both provides spells for the empire's army and protects the local city from attack.
    Mining works: Replaces farms, probably. Provides a discount to the cost of mining.
  3. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    To your first question, about shaman huts, you're right. It's not compelling enough to choose your 2nd shaman hut. However, to the archers, yeah, sometimes it's way better to get the farm. The bonus to defense is... ehh, I dunno. The times when that would help you are pretty like, tangential? Personally I build farms all the time, I think they rule. They practically double the income of your city.

    I think what I would do for Shaman Huts is "Give +4 Discard when fighting in this city".
  4. Nachtfischer

    Nachtfischer Well-Known Member

    Yeah. Basically, when you need this bonus you're already close to being totally screwed...
  5. Senator

    Senator Moderator

    Sounds like a good argument for just getting rid of the +2 defense bonus; it's not a real choice.

    Farms are great, but they don't help much with the materials issue, is what I was getting at--and keeping up on materials seems to have become a much more important part of the game than it was in earlier builds. Farms give you faster upgrades, meaning that you can start taking victory points or exploration earlier. I guess you can take the 40 or 60 materials in lieu of upgrading, so maybe they are OK as is--but I personally feel lame when I take the materials "upgrade"!

    Oh, and the localized +4 discards for the Shaman's Hut sounds cool--it would be a clearer way of specializing a city as a military outpost.

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