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    Right yes, I see what you mean.

    I guess as a general design idea that's one good thing about having some mechanics that work over longer timescales/longer arcs. It means the game doesn't have to cram all its complexity into the current turn or next couple of turns, which is inevitably going to increase the calculation requirement.

    In that sense TT currently feels a bit like Auro. It's presenting tactical situations, and then kind of daring the player to complicate them as much they can handle, before detonating/resolving for maximum benefit. Obviously not exactly the same, with combo points and stuff, but more tethers and larger vortex AOE does make for more scoring opportunities.

    Nothing wrong with that, especially if that's what you're aiming for. TT may have to watch out for what I suspect is one reason Auro didn't get huge traction, namely that the really enjoyable situations were to be found at a difficulty level few players could reach. Personally after I maxed out at Auro level 13 or something, I much preferred watching you play at 18+ to actually playing the game myself! :D Big/elegant combo sequences are really great to see, but as a mid level player I never felt smart enough to figure out and set up more than like 1 per match, if that.

    But that's all to digress. I'm looking forward to where TT goes next regardless of direction!

    PS. If the avatar really is only for flavour, I would strongly hope that allowing tethers to also be drawn by mouse (also removed, reversed, abandoned halfway etc.) were somewhere near the top of the todo list. Hope that doesn't sound like 'entitled armchair designer fan' talking!
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    Interesting perspective. Personally I started getting hooked on Auro before I was any good at it, but I see your point. The effect is probably worsened in Auro where if you miss the elegant combos you can easily end up in a situation where you can't really do anything besides take damage.

    With TT we've been trying to avoid hitting the player with direct penalties, and instead just making everything about opportunity cost. Getting penalized feels bad, discovering new opportunities feels good. So hopefully we can avoid whatever alienation you feel in Auro to some extent.
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