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    Could be an idea to have both a score goal AND holding totems. Then there would be some decision tension between investing in the long arc (amassing lots of single kills) and the mid-term arc (acquiring/holding totems).

    E.g.1. Award some points for every few turns you hold a totem and the goal is 100 points however you decide to get them.
    E.g.2. Make the totems "lock in" rather than be transient and the goal is 100 kill points plus any 3 totems captured.
    E.g.3. To keep points out of it have 3 major totems and 9 minor totems on the board. Goal: capturing any 1 major totem (long arc) and any 3 minor totems (mid arc). Ideally with different capture mechanics for the major and minor totems.

    Soz for double post. Obsessed with mid-term arcs lately :)
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