The 'Grab this free game NOW!' thread.

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    This is a thread for grabbing free games. Grab these games and watch this thread.

    Games that can be grabbed on free-to-sign-up services like Steam or GOG are wanted in this thread. Contests like 'Draw some fan art for a game and maybe get a free copy of it.' are wanted. Free doesn't always mean no hassle, just no money. Questions about and help with technical difficulties like 'I already signed up to free service X three months ago to get free game 1. Does that mean I can't get free game 2 for signing up with free service X?' are wanted.

    Games that are 90% off or some other deep discount are not wanted. Post that in some other thread for discounted games. Reviews of games mentioned in this thread should be posted in some other thread, not this thread.

    Shadow Warrior is free on Steam until August 23, 2017 10 a.m. Pacific time. Clicking 'Click for Details' in the pop-up ad should take you to the appropriate page. You can also search Shadow Warrior under Store -> Explore if you happened to close the ad and can't get it back.
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    Nice! Also make sure to get Happy Snake's Cute Fruit!
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    ht tps://

    (Intentional gap between the ts in https because the forum keeps turning the link into a video if I don't insert the gap.)

    Developer Fat Shark is giving away 1 million Steam keys for Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West.

    Follow Fat Shark on Twitter and they will send a key to your email address.
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    Steam is giving away Kingdom: Classic for 24 hours. Click on "Click for Details" in the pop-up ad to go to the store page for the game. If you already closed the ad, then go to Store -> Explore and do a search for Kingdom: Classic.
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