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    Hi there,

    First off I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed playing your game, I view it almost as a puzzle game in terms of the problem solving required to win some of the battles, particularly in the late game when your ability to replenish your army is limited.

    I just posted 3,386 points in the Android version of the game and in the process of doing so I had some thoughts about how (IMO) the game could potentially be improved in terms of balance and also perhaps limiting game length:
    1. I think that the Senator is quite overpowered relative to the other emperors for a few reasons
    - He is the only emperor who can generate crystals once the map is depleted of mines (which occurs relatively quickly in 1.3) which means that he is the only emperor who can really push into the late game
    - This is also supplemented by his special ability which means that if you take damage while attacking a monster hive but manage to avoid combat losses you can just pick off the smaller monster armies on the map until you are back at full strength
    - His unique spell is the only one that is useful pretty much no matter when it comes up, Blessing and Meteor are a lot more situational and once your deck is big enough you can't rely on getting it when you need it

    In terms of balancing the emperors, perhaps bounty could be made available to everyone and something else could be the unique for the senator (maybe blessing and then war chief could get protection or something).

    2. My game really only finished because I decided that I wanted it to end - my strategy was to go the shaman hut --> watch tower --> academy path for my towns, beat up on the mosnter hives, heal up by attacking the small armies and then if I suffered combat losses then abandon and start again with a new town. By the late game my deck (which got to about 915 or so cards) was stacked with Cavalry Move, Move Friendly and Savage Blows (I had no strife in my deck until about week 2,300) so I could pretty much always rely on picking up something that I needed to position my units appropriately. At the end I decided to stop building new towns and see how many battles I could win with two Cavalry units only and eventually got overwhelmed.

    - One suggestion that I have for limiting game length would be to have the wandering monster armies increase in size as the game goes on (much like the attacking armies did in 1.2) so that the strategy of sitting back and picking off the small armies doesn't work over the longer term

    3. Adding Grit/Valor to the deck progressively over time is actually an advantage in the long game I think as in many cases topdecking either/both will be quite helpful when attacking into a large enemy army with cavalry and they ended up making up a reasonable proportion of the deck so I could reasonably expect one to come up (or to be able to redraw to one).

    - Perhaps the frequency at which G/V are added could be reduced? Or alternatively maybe the relative proportions could vary by emperor, having fewer Grit cards for Senator would reduce his strength relative to the others given by his healing special

    4. Gaining strife cards doesn't really feel like a penalty later in the game - not sure if it is possible but some sort of mechanic for increasing the number of strife cards earned through the game might be useful (e.g. every time you abandon not at an upgrade point the number of strife cards you get goes up)

    5. I definitely support the suggestion that someone else made about being able to disband when you get to a city upgrade so you are not "stuck" if your army is full

    Hope these suggestions are helpful - happy to discuss further if you like.

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    Great suggestions, thank you. I'm working on a next patch, although I don't have any guarantee that Crazy Monkey will have the time to implement it. I agree with most of what you wrote and already have some measures planned to fix some of those things. Thanks for your patience, and I'm glad you enjoy the game.

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