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  1. Waterd

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    Sure, but this is as far as i know not the most common thing, and more important for this thread and my point, in the twitter situation, there is no reason to think this is the case. There is no indication on the twitter story that this is a case of sexism, AT ALL.
    Which is my point, what the twitter story has to do with sexism? as far as I know nothing, which si the crux of the point. I don't say it's not a problem to solve, just "sexism" is not the place for this problem to be.

    Someone that acts like the guy did in that story,even if the guy truly is dangerously sexist and even if sexism could magically be erased of his mindset, it's the least of the problems, from the pov of the agressor. This is a seems like guy that has no respect for person, has clearly terrible no social skills and has sociopathic tendencies.
    So you think the guy is probably the most affable, centered rational guy, that just happens to lose his shit when related with women because he is sexist, but when he is relating with men, there is no problem in his attitude or his actions at all?
    We both know we do not believe that to be the most likely scenario, we know there are men that are agressive against men too, and generally aggressive men tend to be aggressive with both men and women, the cases of person that are law abiding citizing, affable and respectful towards men but suddenly lose their shit with women, are rare.
    And I have no reason to think is the case of this man.
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    @Batlad I think Waterd regards as bigotry only deliberate malice. Discussing ingrained sexism with him is probably pointless.
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  3. Lemon

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    Feminists regard bigotry as only ever affecting women. Discussing equality with them is probably pointless.
  4. Waterd

    Waterd Well-Known Member

    We never talked about bigotry so i don't know what the hell you are talking about. Can you explain? because it really dazzles me what bigotry has to do with the whole conversation.
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    Well I'm a feminist and I take a broader view than that, so I guess you're wrong. And that's not even considering non-sexist bigotry.
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    Okay well lets shift this discussion around a a bit, so we can try to make some progress.

    What would you consider sufficient evidence to show that:
    A) Someone is sexist.
    B) That their behaviour is the result of their sexism.
    C) And, what pattern of behaviour would constitute sexism, despite the defendant's claims to the contrary.

    Feel free to use the previous example to illustrate your argument.
  7. Waterd

    Waterd Well-Known Member

    A person explaining his motivations, and his motivations having a sexist basis. (I punched her because she is a women, i wouldn't punch a man in that situation, no matter what)(I hired him because he is a man, I wouldn't hire women)

    If a person, under similar circumstances, would act different only based on the gender of people involved, and you can show that, it would prove the sexism.
    The story of people at work impersonating each other, and people reacting different based on the gender that sign up, is a good example of clear evidence.
    The study where people assign wages to people, and all things being equal, different wages are applied to different genders, is also a great example.
    The video/social experiment where people act different towards harassers, depending on the genders involved, is also decent evidence.

    So we need to see the persons involved to consistently act different, in similar situations ,when the value of genders involved is changed.

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