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Discussion in '100 Rogues' started by Bucky, Mar 25, 2015.

  1. Bucky

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    I've tried a bunch to make Rogue Bot work, but can't seem to get any reasonable degree of success. Missile unwieldy, while Grenade is expensive. Robo-bomb is my current guess for worst skill in the game. It's not 'does nothing' bad; it's 'use it and die horribly' bad. Place it and you risk an enemy walking diagonally adjacent to it from offscreen, setting it off in your face and killing you even from full health.

    One game was particularly good because I found a Rune of Zot and several piles of throwing nets. It made me question why I was using the Bot in the first place.

    Grenade props this guy up in Easy, but how is it supposed to get anything done on Rogue difficulty?
  2. blakereynolds

    blakereynolds Administrator Staff Member

    Monster classes brought to you by: Fusion Reactions
  3. keithburgun

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    Uh... maybe the Rogue Bot is supposed to be a super-hard difficulty mode? Not sure. Like Blake said, I didn't design the Rogue Bot - they were designed by Fusion (with one half-exception, which is I think I gave some input into the design for the Necromeister). I also never play with the monster classes, so I don't have any strategy advice, except "play a lot of games until you get amazing drops".
  4. Bucky

    Bucky Well-Known Member

    I mentioned the amazing drops game. The good items did the same thing as my class abilities, only better.
  5. Bucky

    Bucky Well-Known Member

    I've put a lot more effort into making the RBot work. Rogue difficulty still feels hopeless, but if I can get past the terrible early game, its synergies come online and make it feel like a real class for the Dungeon floors, only to run into a few special weaknesses where it seems like the game was designed specifically to counter the RBot.

    First, the good: Morph makes the RBot function. The fast energy regen lets it open every fight with an explosive barrage even on harder difficulties. The bonus armor is significant enough to make 'armor up and run' a reasonable tactic; the enemy catches up on unmorph, but I can duck around a corner to avoid being surrounded. Then I can tank one unarmored hit to retreat and pop a grenade or something.

    Then the bad: Morph requires Robo-bomb. Robo-bomb moves unpredictably and tends to one-shot me if it goes off next to me. There are narrow cases where it's safe to use, such as when the only enemy in the area is netted, but using it as a general combat spell is suicidal. So that means I need another combat skill, and so I don't come online as a grenadier until at least level 4.

    Then the ugly: If a vandella confuses me, if I know robo-bomb, I might drop a robo-bomb. If I do, it will immediately explode and kill me. If a vandella appears with a group of enemies, it won't die in a single explosion. I'm stuck unloading everything on the vandella, taking hits from the other enemies, and either spending a net on it or exploding myself with a (comparatively survivable) point blank grenade.

    But wait, there's more. If I open any chests in Hell, a vandella might pop out and confuse me. This means I can't open any chests in hell unless I'm starving and desperate.

    Finally, RBot is probably the worst class in the game at dealing with bosses. Defensively, it has no innate evasion and no mobility to avoid minions. Offensively, all its skills deal heavily reduced damage to bosses, since they're explosive damage. The only real tool it has is the net-cannon for blocking spawn points.

    There are some other major weaknesses as well, but this post is long enough already.
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