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  1. keithburgun

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    Hey so getting right into some thoughts I've been having tonight about PTL.


    Problem. I think PTL has an issue where it’s hard for people to give a shit about what they’re doing while they play the game. I agree with this too, I think when you play, you’re kind of moving around doing some stuff, but there is no clear “I should be doing X” thing. It’s not clear why I should push any given lane at any particular time.

    What’s needed is a thematic or narrative explanation for what’s going on here. Especially because the game is so weird. This explanation needs to be really down to earth and immediately understandable, so not like a gameshow or something. Very clear obvious conflict stuff. EXAMPLES: "Try to survive" in some score attack thing, or "Get 50 points" in Auro, or "Destroy the enemy nexus" in League or whatever. "Get to the furthest dungeon level you can" in a Roguelike maybe.

    Point is, I have a clear victory condition in my game -- which right now is push the top lane -- but it's not... thematically reinforced really. And I also want players to understand that they can't just immediately start pushing the top lane, either. I mean they can sometimes but it should also feel like they can push the other lanes first.

    Thought about this for a couple of hours tonight and here is what I came up with, but I'm not sold on it so please give me your thoughts, too.
    • Minions are now called KEYPLE, and they're either shaped like keys or they have keys for heads or something. As they move down the lanes they fight each other, but they also will unlock stuff. So they will unlock any:
      - Treasure chests
      - Monster vaults
      - Final doors...
      ... that they touch.
    • The new narrative-goal of the game: "Escape!" The top lane has a BIG HUGE DOOR that will be massive, and it's closed. If one of your Keyple touch it, they will unlock it. A boss maybe comes out of the door, but you can slip past him to win (or kill him, whichever). (Alt: there is no boss, and maybe just opening the door wins you the game). Loss condition of running out of lives always works, but the loss condition of your base exploding needs some explanation-help here.
    • We add a bunch of random treasure chests directly adjacent to the lanes. This will really motivate players (I think) to push lanes.
    • We get rid of Capture Points entirely. Instead, the Monster Vaults are now tied to towers and they trigger on tower-destruction.
    Couple more things, not based on this line of thought but other conversations and some stuff @evizaer said in chat.
    • Pushing LEFT lane half way (2nd tower) triggers RIGHT lane boss to emerge, and vice versa. Pushing TOP lane half way triggers TOP lane boss to emerge.
    That's all for now. But please give me your thoughts.
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  2. sammyminh

    sammyminh Active Member

    Your minions could also be thieves, who can open locks/chests/doors. Or wizards/priests who open a "magic gate" at the end.

    Maybe pushing the side-lanes gives you some thematic item ("master sword", "magic armor") which feels like a good thing to grab for the big fight, but isn't necessary to have.
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  3. richy

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    I love the Keyple idea. Goes really well with an overall goal of escaping, which also seems like a great match goal. If the opposing keyple were always trying to lock things up and our side to unlock them that would be a cool dynamic. Open is good, closed is bad! Repression vs freedom! Maybe our keeple would themselves be trying to escape from this insane prison of murderous potatoes and mad kings and we're helping them.

    Are the side-lanes an unnecessary distraction? Could it be just one windy lane curling around the board? Or the 3 lanes could all lead to the same exit but they could always be the rush lane, the econ lane and the defense lane? :D
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  4. keithburgun

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    Really good thoughts!

    At first I thought this idea was just plain bad. I mean, we definitely want to have more than one lane, because that's a big way in which strategy happens. But I could kind of see having a short, medium, and long lane maybe. Although I'm not positive that that would necessarily map to "rush, econ and defense". Hmm. Thinking about it more I don't think it's good to apply stuff like "rush" to a lane. But I am almost to the point of considering new lane shapes.

    I realized one issue with Keyple which is we shouldn't call them that. We should call them minions because there's a lot of free information about what minions are and what they do etc. But they can still look like key people.

    As to the other minions, maybe they can stay just like normal minions like the current ones, because their goal is to blow up your base.

    • Get rid of capture points. Just use towers for the same thing

    • Vaults unlocked by destroying towers

    • Many treasure chests along the sides of lanes

    • Bosses spawn at turns 200, 450, 700 (+-30 turns) (Previously I was considering that pushing the top lane all the way spawned the top boss, but it would be good if you could bypass a lot of that power in a rush) (Credit to @Bucky for that suggestion)

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