PTL 44 - Huge rebalance, announcements, more

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  1. keithburgun

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    This version is notable for what a huge rebalance it is. I'd like everyone to try playing the game at every skill level. Overall I think this is the most dynamic and interesting the game has ever been. Other big changes:

    - Stat scaling for monsters/everything is now based on RANK so play with that!
    - There are no longer YELLOW BIG MINIONS.
    - Loot drops from lane-end chests is WAY BETTER
    - A ton more

    Don't forget to go check out the Vault where a Guardian spawned from, as some items will be there. GIVE ME FEEDBACKKKKKKK~!


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  2. richy

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    I'm still finding it hard to get into PTL. I have this sense of running around with not much happening except the various brief tactical encounters. I know from reading stuff Bucky's written that there is strategy in the game but I haven't been able to engage with it.

    I think some of the the strategic choices might need to be brought more up front. There are probably genre conventions that mean I'm not seeing stuff but that's how it appears to me anyway.

    Any chance of a gameplay video showing/explaining the intersting decisions that are getting made through the course of a match, and/or the thought processes you'd hope a player would be going through as different stuff happens?
  3. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Totally agreed that the strategy stuff that is there now is not pronounced enough. Right now the strategic choices are:

    - Push left, right, or top lane now?
    - Get more attack damage or more of something else (This needs work; need to guarantee more items in the shop)
    - Kill the wizard now, or later?
    - Go fight in the jungle to get more resources (investing) (This is 100% not an option right now)

    The rest would be tactical. But these strategic questions should be valid and re-asked throughout the match.

    Play the latest here
  4. HairMachine

    HairMachine Well-Known Member

    I played a few games of PTL. As usual I am about a month behind and I know there's probably a bunch of radical changes coming - like the new re-theme :hype: - but I thought I'd just say some stuff anyway:
    • Wow I suck at this
    • Please can we have the arrow keys to move? The right clicking all the time is very sad-making
    • There was a bug with the potions which makes you win the game (if you use one, every left-click popup from then on has an 'Activate' button which gives you +175 health for no turn cost)
    • Is the 'draw 2 extra cards' bugged? It seems you can activate it indefinitely, which I guess means you'd run out of the cards faster but they kind of cover up your abilities menu and go off the screen after a while
    • It'll be a lot cooler when there's more content (cards, powers, items etc.)
    • Blasting the minions off their lanes with knock-back abilities is fun :D
    • The help suggests monsters get harder when you die, does that still happen with the lives? I would probably get rid of that if so
    • I said this in the chat also but I'm looking forward to seeing how this develops - the sense I have of the direction it wants to go in I like. If you don't finish it I'm stealing the idea and doing it myself :p
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  5. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    It's natural to assume that you want this, but, considering the existence of abilities, consider that you might not actually want this. With that said I'd be down to have it as an option I guess, for people who prefer it.

    No, it's just old text.

    Yeah the card is bugged. Thanks for the potion bug report!

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