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Discussion in 'Community Games' started by Lemon, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Batlad

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    Great game!

    I'm very interested to see how hard the game can get, and so hope you push further in that direction before back filling the mid game areas.

    The Bullfrogs are great, but in an open environment the player can take a very indirect route to avoid getting stomped. Would be nice to be challenged either to collect multiple in a single run/move limit, or one in a constrained area, so you're forced to combat their mechanics.

    The ninja star area was also good, but again I'd like to see this idea pushed further. Can you last longer next time and so on.

    Really promising mechanics. I can't wait to see the next update.
  2. sammyminh

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    Hi Lemon!
    I played the new Archeology update and had a thought: Maybe the dungeons don't need to be randomized. Players only play through them once or twice and randomization can lead to very easy dungeons (as was the case for me). Perhaps it's more practical to hand-craft them as sort of puzzles.
    Also, the Quit button in the upper right is gone when you exit the game and want to quit.
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