1. Bucky

    Bucky Well-Known Member

    Like I said, he's like a Street Fighter shoto.

    Uppercut -> Uppercut (complete with a temporary shield)
    Fireball -> Knuckle cannon
    Advancing Kick -> Rocket Punch

    Seismic Slam is a combo move, but also replaces the aerial advancing kick of later Street Fighters.
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  2. Nomorebirds

    Nomorebirds Active Member

    The name Doomfist was in the game at launch. In the first trailer ever shown of Overwatch actually, a little kid mentions how "doomfist could level a skyscraper with one punch". And in the Numbani map the payload had Doomfist's robot arm on it (like that's what you're defending/trying to get).

    So Blizzard came up with Doomfist first. Later Terry Crews being a fan of Overwatch sent out a tweet asking Blizzard if he could voice Doomfist as a character. Fans went crazy over this idea. Terry Crews sent out several tweets with photos of him being at Blizzard HQ. Fans get even crazier, start speculating what kind of hero Doomfist will be (this is where the support idea came into being). And then they revealed yesterday that he is not voiced by Terry Crews and people were pretty bummed.
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  3. Kdansky

    Kdansky Well-Known Member

    Overwatch is a retake of the super hero genre. All of those names are just as retarded, if not worse: Superman, Batman, Aquaman, [somethingsomething]man, Wonder Woman, Cpt Marvel (wtf), Ultron (I guess Ultraman was taken), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Teenage? WTF!?). We just got used to it, but Doomfist is really not worse than Doomsday or Darkseid (oooh, look at us mis-spelling "dark side" because we're so edgy).

    At least here it's somewhat obvious that they are much closer to caricatures than their inspirations (see Reaper, the undisputed Edgelord).

    Design by committee? I don't think that is completely true, but also not wrong per se.

    Doomfist is Nigerian. Why? Because the game did not yet have a Nigerian. Overwatch tries very hard to include every group. I mean, just look at the number of skin colour types / countries in the game. We've got everything: a Swiss Medic, a Brazilian DJ, "Death", an Ape, an anime mecha pilot, a robot zen monk, a crazy Australian pyromaniac, and so on. In fact it's probably the most inclusive game ever made. We're only missing stronger LGBT representation, and that's probably because Blizzard does not want to deal with the politics of it: China, Russia and the US are difficult places to sell a game with LGBT characters. The heroes are deliberately designed to appeal to as wide an audience as possible, by aiming one hero very strongly at a few small groups, one by one.

    That directly results in characters that feel very smooth, inoffensive and generic. Where BlazBlue is all kinds of crazy, as long as you're in the subgroup of white heterosexual men who likes anime. Overwatch is tame, but has a much wider appeal. It's basically impossible for 99% of gamers to not identify with at least one character. Case in point: The insane amount of Rule34 for this game.

    The down side of that is that all characters feel a little fake and flat, because we can feel how they were deliberately designed to appeal to a few tribes.
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  4. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    I do think that Doomfist is way worse than Doomsday, as a name. Doomsday applied to a character is kind of interesting because it has a juxtaposition of a situation (doomsday) and applying it to a person. Not saying it's good, but it's not nothing as a name. Whereas doomfist is not a thing, and also... fist? Wait so we're just talking about him physically punching something and that... causes doom? Also just having the word fist in there is really funny and stupid.

    A lot of those names - superman, wonder woman, etc, aren't COOL, but they are kind of simple and elemental enough to be just kinda like, whatever. Whereas the Blizzard stuff is like that stuff but regurgitated 30 times over. Like it sounds like a cheap knock off or that they're running out of super hero names.

    As to TMNT, I understand that it was created as an absurdist satire.
  5. Kdansky

    Kdansky Well-Known Member


    Does the name "Doomfist" now make sense? He's a bad guy, and he has a fist the size of a person. He punches stuff very hard. It's not the best name in the game, but it isn't outrageously stupid.

    I don't find it okay to excuse some shitty super hero names because we are used to them, but rile on others. It sure as hell beats Matter Eater Lad, Bouncing Boy, Thor Girl, Captain Marvel and She-Hulk. At least he's not called "Blizzard Entertainment Fistman Man".

    Considering what Marvel and DC were up to, I am pretty sure this is an actual issue. I am surprised that "Reaper" was not taken.

    This is not how it was played 99% of the time, so I don't think that counts.
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  6. richy

    richy Well-Known Member

    You Have A Fist.

    Should be in ridiculous modern screenshots. How much bigger can weaponry get - it has to stop somewhere. There will be a hero which is just a person-sized gun with eyes and maybe little attitude jets for moving and that will be it. Oh and tits probably. Yeah a big gun with tits. Nowhere else to go then.

    I guess for now humanity is still visible and in command, the people are carrying and pointing the weapons and deciding what to shoot. But in comparative size terms this character is getting dangerously close to being a weapon with a guy along for the ride. I bet it has auto-targeting too - in which case what is the guy even for?

    Also why is this picture posed like a porn star brandishing his huge golden .... well I guess doomfist is as good a word as any.
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  7. Bucky

    Bucky Well-Known Member

    The highest weapon-volume-to-person ratio in Overwatch is still D.Va.
  8. Kdansky

    Kdansky Well-Known Member

    You just described Megatron, created in 1984.

    Except he's a building-sized robot that literally turns giant gun, no strings attached.

    I'm pretty sure there is no reasonable upper limit. May I introduce you to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann?

    Note the galaxies in the background. Those are to scale: This mecha is larger than multiple galaxies. Also it is in the shape of a head where the mouth is eating another head, every limb is made from heads, and sometimes the heads have heads. In red and black, and on fire. With sunglasses.

    In its defense: This is only the last episode, and the anime is very deliberately pushing it way too far. It's absolutely brilliant.

    On a more serious note, I think the art direction of Overwatch is much darker than people realise at first. Quite a few heroes have prosthetic cyborg limbs. Sure, it's played for style usually, but I can't help but notice how Lucio has no legs, how McCree got the left half of his body torn off, Genji is basically Robocop, Junkrat has a pegleg, and so on. Most T-rated games/movies don't dare having heroes that are physically scarred.
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  9. RyanRothweiler

    RyanRothweiler Well-Known Member

    I think all super hero names are pretty ridiculous.
    Doomfist is one small step closer to stupidity like RocketDick than Captain America is. But Captain America is still very stupid.
    Just because the name matches the character doesn't mean the name and character aren't silly.
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  10. Hogflute

    Hogflute New Member

    Overwatch was fun, but then got boring quick for me personally.

    What suchs the most is that groups will almost always rek soloQ players. So just another game that requires too much dedication for my life.

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