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    Before The Witness, and sometime after Myst, there was another game.

    A game that really made you think the nature of puzzles and puzzle games.

    It's called NINE: The Last Resort.

    How it does so?

    There's a door and it asks you to type numbers like a phone. "Just type all combinations," somebody said, but I don't even know at first how many numbers, and it's a lot of combinations.

    There are not just three numbers, if so it'd be easy.

    The answer:
    It's the first puzzle of the game, and it mixes DRM with real-life. wtf.

    I assure you from memory that what's inside the mansion in The Last Resort(TM) is cool, but first you have to get past TWO puzzles.

    The first is the manual puzzle.

    The second puzzle is, how do you even get this game to run on a pc in 2018 and find it.

    Do you even still have the cd, and good luck googling. Not sure why they even mention DOSBOX, the game isn't for DOS I think?

    So to even get inside, you have to solve two puzzles. And these puzzles all involve REAL LIFE.

    It just makes you ask,

    What is the nature of a puzzle?
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