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Discussion in 'Game Design' started by Lemon, Dec 18, 2015.

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    Sim City is a perfect example of the whole 'videogames are broken toys' thing. Sim City is very obviously inherently a toy, but there are goals (scenarios) that you can do, and there's this weird "challenge" element to the whole thing, where it's very easy to just "stall out" and run out of money early on. That makes sense for a strategy game but is strange for a toy. For that reason, yeah, it's much better with the money cheat.
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    What about a situation where the toy mode doesn't affect the competitive mode at all, but doing well in the competitive mode unlocks stuff in the toy mode? Like if the toy was kinda like a toyified hub space where you can choose to enter into matches of the real competitive game? And then winning matches grants you coins or tokens or whatever crap that you can use to build a house in a virtual town and buy trophy cases to show off your wins and buy hoverboards or flying cars to fly around in the virtual town and other similar crap like that? But the strategy game is always a level playing field with no input from the toy at all?
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    That's fine. There is almost no way to break a toy - the only way to do it is to add a goal! It is possible of course that such things could make the toy worse, but toys are very durable so I wouldn't worry about it too much. If we wanna get REALLY technical, yeah, there is some ideal setup for the toy, so if new components are coming in it's going to by definition not always be at that ideal point, but it really barely matters (in most cases, anyway).

    And I think we might even do something like this with Alakaram (let players unlock stuff in non competitive mode by playing in ranked mode).

    As long as this is the case, it seems fine to me.

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