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Discussion in 'Games (and Other Interactive Entertainment)' started by keithburgun, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. Tinytouchtales

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    Hey guys, not much of a recommendation but i wanted to give out 10 codes for my game Card Thief. In the Card Thief thread over here, some of you helped me out a lot. So you might be interested in how the game turned out. Each code has a little riddle since plain posting those would just feed the bots crawling for those codes:










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  2. BrickRoadDX

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    Got code 1! Congrats man on your success! Lots of buzz over at Touch Arcade, and I've heard a bunch of great things about this. Looking forward to giving it a shot :).
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  3. keithburgun

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    Got code 2! Been meaning to check this out forever. I think I played a really early version of it?
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  4. Kdansky

    Kdansky Well-Known Member

    Could not figure out how to use these codes, so I bought the game instead. Sorry about that.
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  5. major_shiznick

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    Enyo - TinyTouchTales

    We had a thread for the beta a while back, but it's been out both iOS and Android for a while now. It scratches the same kind of tactical itch as Auro and Hoplite (no surprise that it thanks "Keith for Auro and Dave for Hoplite").

    You have an avatar in an arena with monsters. You use a Zelda-style switch hook and a bashing/throwing shield to kill monsters primarily by swapping, dragging, shoving, or knocking them into lava pits scattered around. There's a vanilla monster that hits you if you're adjacent, a Hoplite archer :(, a Hoplite bomber, a Minotaur whose attack is the same as your shield shove, a Satyr that uses a hook like yours, an Auro Trickster, and a boring Cyclops that you can't shove or hook.

    I have a lot of complaints about this game, but it's still handily in the top tier of games available to us Android-using subhumans. I'll only single out the big boo-boos.

    I was really annoyed not to find an online or in-app manual that describes the monsters. You are expected to figure out what they do and how to defeat them by trial and error. Tactical errors are very costly, so there's lots of "oh, that doesn't work on this guy, now I'm dead." Then you start up another game, play 10-15 minutes to encounter that monster again, and die again learning another rule. Awful, awful, awful. I'd have uninstalled after a few hours because of this alone, except that I had a 13-hour flight that I needed to survive without my brain melting.

    I also wish it had an honest goal. Instead it does the dumb rouguelike thing where you're told that the goal is to get the Golden Doohickey on Floor X, but there's also a scoring system and leaderboards based on that score. Weird.

    Oh, and the game gobbles battery like a motherfucker. I can get like 2 hours in on airplane mode. I can live with that, though.

    I mostly complained about the game in this kind-of-review. That's because I like it well enough to have played it enough to have complaints worth posting. There are very few games on Android worth having, and I think this is one of them.
  6. Tinytouchtales

    Tinytouchtales Active Member

    I was really annoyed not to find an online or in-app manual that describes the monsters.

    Main menu -> Settings -> Help
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  7. keithburgun

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    My girlfriend has a game coming to Steam and iOS soon. I did the music for it!

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  8. GSGBen

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    Saw some of you post it on Twitter already, but Turning is an excellent puzzle game. Lots of satisfying chain setups, and getting new types scratches the discovery itch. Failing and starting again sucks a bit, but it's good enough to pull me back in even after that.
  9. major_shiznick

    major_shiznick Well-Known Member

    Wow, @Tinytouchtales, Card Thief is a delight! In a lot of games' initial learning and exploration phases feel tedious/oppressive to explore, but that's not been my experience here. I can see you put a ton of thought into the presentation of information and making sure the player's decisions are as informed as possible, even if they don't know all rules. It's really great that I can safely tap out a path and see how it turns out without committing -- it's been a big help in learning the interactions. Basically, the polar opposite of the (imo abusive) roguelike model where learning a new rule means you died and need to restart.

    I don't know if this was mentioned explicitly anywhere, but it's on both iOS and Android. (Heads up to battery-conscious people: you'll probably want to turn on the game's Power Saving Mode in the settings menu.)
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  10. keithburgun

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    Jenny's game is now out on iTunes. I did the music, and Ido Yeheili (Cardinal Quest, Auro, Slayaway Camp) programmed it. It's really short, as she did it for a school project. If you like visual novels at all though, check it out!
  11. Tinytouchtales

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  12. keithburgun

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    I had a feeling like "I should check out what new iOS board games have come out in the past year when I stopped looking" and here's the list of stuff I gotta check out:

    Terra Mystica
    Agricola All Creatures
    Rails to Riches
    Castles of Mad King Ludwig
  13. Nachtfischer

    Nachtfischer Well-Known Member

    Race for the Galaxy is also on iOS now and the app is quite good.
  14. ALavaVatChild

    ALavaVatChild Well-Known Member

    @Tinytouchtales I gave card thief a shot and it just didn't click for me. I respect the work that's been put in to it though, seconding that the interface/animations/tutorial are great and the game gets out of the player's way without being boring or opaque. I wish I could make my stuff feel that polished.

    It's one of the best. Clean interface, good tutorial, 2 expansions and some bonus content already available. Multiplayer works, you can set the animation speeds (how is this an unusual feature??) and it comes with Keldon's AI integrated which is vastly better than the AI in pretty much any other modern board game port.

    It's a little pricy but that seems to be the case for most board game apps.

    My friend code is T9CDBUKK if anyone wants a game online.

    I've played these:

    Terra Mystica
    Agricola All Creatures

    Terra Mystica felt cramped and slow on my android. The AI is crazy slow even on a low difficulty setting. Pass unless you're a TM fanatic and even then free web implementation is probably better for online play.
    Brass, Agricola: ACBAS and Steam are all solid if unexciting ports of good games. ACBAS has one of the expansions available which is good because those are necessary.
    Tokaido is a beautiful port but it takes ages to play for what it is because they love their animations. I've found it surprisingly challenging for what it's worth, not sure if that's the AI being good or me being bad or the game not being very deep.

    Also played:
    Onirim - again, good looking app but annoying to play partly because of that. I like this game as a simple solitaire challenge but how they have managed to make something less enjoyable than my own half-assed implementation I don't know.
    Patchwork - Another functional, unexciting port. The AI is truly awful and this isn't the kind of game I'm itching to play online so eh.
    Splendor - good implementation, pity Splendor is the literal baseline for bland euro games. The app has a campaign mode which switches up the rules a lot, that's nice I guess. If you just want to play some Splendor against an AI the free clone Prestige is probably a better choice.
    Paperback - Ouch, this appears to have been made in some obscure mobile games framework and really deserved better. It looks nice (mostly due to reusing the physical game's excellent art) but is kind of slow and fiddly to play. The AI is slow and there's no online multiplayer at all.
    Baseball Highlights 2045 - Looks like someone's first professional Unity project and doesn't play much better. I struggled through the tutorial and the app made no attempt to have me care any further than that. Some people swear by the physical game so maybe there's a reward for people who push through, but I didn't see it.
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  15. RyanRothweiler

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  16. Nachtfischer

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    As mentioned last year when I played the PC version, I really like this one. It's a bit random but definitely worth checking out nonetheless (especially for the interplay between the round system and the scoring phases). Hope the player base increases somewhat with the mobile version, there was not much going on on Steam...
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  17. keithburgun

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    Installed that one and will give it a shot ASAP.

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