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Discussion in 'Games (and Other Interactive Entertainment)' started by keithburgun, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    I have both iOS and Android platforms (an iPad specifically for gaming and my phone is a Droid 3) and play games on both regularly. While iOS is VASTLY superior, I'm always looking for new games to play on my phone, so let's trade some of our favorites. I wrote TWO articles about this shit, listing all my favorites, which are here: ... e-console/

    and ... ard-games/

    Recently, I've been playing Letterpress, SmartGo Kifu (mostly the life/death puzzles trying to get good at this insane game), and I tried Ascension... but not getting why it's better than other deckbuilders, really.

    I also played Plague Inc on Android, but I honestly can't recommend it...

    How about you guys?
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  2. alec

    alec New Member

    Try Swordigo.

    Very fun side scroller.
  3. link6616

    link6616 Well-Known Member


    Cytus, an excellent Rhythm action game, and one that doesn't have IAP either
    Swords and Sworcery, not that it's a game but an asset tour (more so than what you would consider most games to be)
    Any Cave Shooter, Espgaluga seems the best, if you have an iPad 1 as your only gizmo, then get Mushihime
    Ascension is possibly my most played game all year.
    Puzzle Quest 2... It's well... more puzzle quest.
    The Lost Winds games are nice puzzle platformers with a gimmick, and they work on iOS well.
    The Pinball Arcade, I'm a big virtual pinball fan (rare get the chance for real tables), and this is easily the best one I've run into. If you can't cope not having everything, the amount of tables to buy with IAP might be a bit much for you, but just one table (Fun house or Theatre of magic are my recommendations) are worth it on their own.
    10000000 is basically puzzle quest without a lot of the fluff, overall better game I think too since it adds a greater speed and timing element to it.
    Subway surfers... Because everyone needs an auto runner
    Magic 2013 is probably the best way to play magic right now
    Lunar Silver Star Story is.... Questionable... But if you are interested in the series, this is probably the easiest way to play. Just play it in portrait mode though, the controls are even worse in landscape.
    The Phoenix Wright game (soon to be trilogy), I love this series, so amusing, lots of save/reload to prevent going through huge amounts of text, and the process is slower on iOS than DS, but hey! If you haven't played these yet, do it once the HD trilogy version comes out
    Ghost Trick - Free for the first few chapters, play it, if you love it just a little, it gets much better, so do get it. If you don't really like it, it just gets better with what it already did there.
    AC Recollection, real timeish card game, free to play, worth tinkering with just a little.
    Broken Sword games are a treat to play on iOS. The Longest Journey is coming soon so recommend that.
    Spectromancer is just amazing, so if you don't get that I'll be very sad.
    Final Fantasy Dimensions is actually surprisingly good if you want what is basically ff4.5. I've only played though the first IAP and the free chapter, and enjoyed it, apparently it gets takes a bit of a nosedive after that by not ever really taking much advantage of it's unique set up aside from padding.
    Penny Arcade The game 3 is coming close to have the most interesting battles in any RPG I've played.
    The War on Eustrath, it's basically Super Robot Wars on iPad, and on iPad it plays pretty well if SRPGs in the fire emblem style are your thing. Don't get the iPhone version. Just don't.
    And for some iOS games that might be worth looking at the learn some lessons from but aren't that good.

    Chaos Rings, great UI for an iOS RPG, and a conceptually really quite interesting battle system. Totally hindered by the fact it never really bothers to challenge you to make you use it well.
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  4. I play 100 Rogues a lot. ;)

    Vay is a great iPhone port of the Sega CD RPG. Not the greatest JRPG ever but solid touch controls.

    Gridrunner is awesome and would be awesomer if I got my hands on a good Bluetooth gamepad.
  5. EnDevero

    EnDevero Well-Known Member

    I second Gridrunner.

    .... Not much other than that.... I play ZiGURRAT when I feel like dealing with overly dragged out difficulty curve you have to wait through until it gets good.
  6. link6616

    link6616 Well-Known Member

    And the Vay team is who did the Lunar port I believe.
  7. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    What's the relationship of "Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective" to Phoenix Wright? I see it's by Capcom, and it came up when I searched for Phoenix Wright...

    Link, can you tell me more about Spectromancer?

    Also it's funny that we have a guy named link on the forum, and a guy with a link avatar, but these two are not the same person.

    Also did you misspell "The War on Eustrath", I can't find that.
  8. link6616

    link6616 Well-Known Member

    The War of Eustrath not on....

    Ghost trick and PW, written by the same guy, Ghost Trick is more of an interesting puzzle than PW, if you enjoyed PWs writing but not the game, Ghost Trick if for you.

    Spectromancer has a free PC demo worth playing, but it's basically a Richard Garfield card game, without collection aspects, you get dished out a semi selection of cards at the start of matches you are given 4 cards of each element one card of each tier of that element too. Lots of good interactions, few terrible cards barring the dryad. You get 1 mana of each element every turn, limited spots on the board to place monsters. Hard to explain quickly.
  9. alientoyshop

    alientoyshop New Member

    If you like virtual pinball Link, the Zen Pinball/Pinball FX2 series is probably the best. The tables on Pinball Arcade are certainly classics and mostly awesome, but the Zen series just feel better (and the tables aren't designed to steal your quarters).

    Back on topic, I totally second Ghost Trick, especially for its music, art, and storytelling.

    Elder Sign: Omens is a great ios version of the real life co-op game.

    1000000 is worth your time, but it gets a little grindy sometimes.

    Jack Lumber is a really neat game for the iPad. It's kind of like Fruit Ninja, but with level design. Very satisfying.

    Devil's Attorney is a court based RPG. It's got some clever writing and mechanics. Not much replay value, but a fun game.

    Rayman Run is an awesome level based endless runner. It's one of those games where you try to get the perfect run on a short but challenging level.

    That's all the additions I have off the top of my head.
  10. link6616

    link6616 Well-Known Member

    The Zen games are great! I already have them on my PS3, and since I bought every version of FFT I try to avoid buying multiple versions of the exact same game.
  11. alientoyshop

    alientoyshop New Member

    Oh for sure. I have them on Xbox. I tried Sorcerer's Lair on ios and found it to be unresponsive compared to trigger buttons.


    What are some of your favorite tables? I really like..
    Secrets of the Deep

    Theatre of Magic is astoundingly good, I got to play a real life version. Tales of the Arabian Nights is a lot more fun in real life than it is in video game form. The only real pinball we have around this area is a nickel arcade with a bunch of Stern tables (not my favorite).
  12. link6616

    link6616 Well-Known Member

    Real life, star wars and Jurassic park tables are all I played.

    Zen pinball... I only have memories of marvel to be honest, and enjoyed that a great deal. I know I played some other tables...
  13. EnDevero

    EnDevero Well-Known Member

    Orbiter is a pretty cool game. The free version doesn't give you the best mode, supernova, so keep that in mind. Supernova gets rid of a lot of the focus on aiming and timing and adds some tactical depth in the form of combo multipliers..
  14. Nachtfischer

    Nachtfischer Well-Known Member

    I'll drop some names apart from the big ones (e.g. Ascension) every iOS gamer will probably already know about.

    A boardgame app recommendation not everyone might have come across: For The Win by Tasty Minstrel Games. Nice little abstract game with no randmoness and all the options you could want. With all the actions the different tiles can perform it may seem a bit non-intuitive in the beginning, but once you get it a really neat tactical game emerges.

    There's also an app for Michael Schacht's Web of Power called Web of Power Card Game: The Duel (basically a two player variant). Quite a good card taking game, also no (output-)randomness. I'm not that deeply in love with it, though... maybe I haven't played it enough, yet.

    On top of that there's a little non-random filler game called Army of Frogs. The app is made by the creators of the iOS implementations of Caylus and Neuroshima Hex. It seems overly colourful, but there's a thinky game beyond that.

    In terms of apps not related to boardgames: There's not too many good ones it seems. I play some roguelikes once in a while (100 Rogues, Rogue Ninja [mediocre Shiren ripoff], Rogue Touch), but that's about it. Well, Zombie Quest (dumb name, I know) is an okay turn-based strategy ("board acquiring") game, but it can't seem to motivate me to stick with it.
  15. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    On Android, I just found one called ROCKET ISLAND which I recommend. Definitely an idea for a game.
  16. Nachtfischer

    Nachtfischer Well-Known Member

    I highly recommend to check out Defense Of The Oasis (no, it's not Tower Defense, else I would probably not recommend it) for iPad:
    Especially since there is a free demo out now:

    It's sometimes called "Minesweeper meets Civilization", but it's really its' own unique thing.
    Wikipedia has a pretty good rules summary:
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  17. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Yeah, that was a big inspiration for Desktop Dungeons, so if you like DD, definitely check out DOTO. It's also available for PC!
  18. Nachtfischer

    Nachtfischer Well-Known Member

    Actually I believe it's not at the moment. I spoke to the lead designer in another forum and he told me he will see if he can "dig up the PC version" soon. Will keep you informed.

    But it's still on the Mac App Store. Though I think the controls really seem to be made for the iPad even though it was developed before there were any iPads at all.

    Edit: The designer is trying to get Oasis onto Steam. It looks good actually, but the company doesn't exist anymore so he has to add Steam compatibility on his own and in his spare time and it might take a while...
  19. Nachtfischer

    Nachtfischer Well-Known Member

    I bet you didn't know, there's a free Joust clone on the iOS App Store: Glypha. It's old (iOS-wise) and a bit clunky. But after getting used to the controls, it's neat how well the core mechanics hold up even today.

    In a few hours Warhammer: Quest (gameplay video) will be released as a universal iOS app. Everybody's raving about how great it is, but the video makes me yawn. It's all so slow and... uninteresting (besides, it's just a reskin of Hunters, isn't it?). But that's probably just the first mission? Oh, well... another problem: It seems to be completely hand-crafted and mission-based, so most likely there's no replay value.
  20. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

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