Looking for beta testers, esp. this week/next week!

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    Could somebody please give a short (say couple of hundred words) description of how to play the game? I'm struggling to get into it, possibly through lack of Dota-like experience, IDK.

    E.g. what kinds of things should I be doing, other than capturing the enemy bases obvs. What sub-objectives are there to perform on the way to doing that? How do I even survive for longer than a few googa encounters? What kinds of trade-offs are there to be made, what are the interesting decisions, etc.?

    Or maybe describe a match, what happened, what big decisions were made and why. My few matches have been: Click around the map looking for "the action", the big brawl or whatever which I assume is happening somewhere, then something materialises and gets in the way, I click on it till it disappears, repeat, till I run out of HP. I never seem to find where "the action" was happening. Game over.
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    I'm also not totally sure about the rules, but here are some things I have found out:

    Enemy towers: they have a square attack radius. If you are inside, you will be attacked, unless one of your yellow minions is also within the square, then you are safe and the minion is attacked instead. (The damage a tower deals seems to go up each turn, the longer it is firing at you.)

    Shop: you collect gold mostly from "monsters" (everything that is not a purple/enemy minion). You then go back to the shop to buy items. If you buy a weapon, you will deal more damage. Armor and you have more defense. There is a difference between "normal damage & defense" and "magic damage & defense" (these are the 4 stats you see on items/units). Your normal right click attack is "normal damage" and any special ability is "magic damage", but i'm not 100% sure on that (should be clearer in the ui). If you want to know what type of damage/armor an enemy has, you click on it.

    Healing: in your base is a "fountain", which you attack to get some HP. you can kill a "potato" monster, which will drop fries. Walk next to them to regain some HP. Or you can use a potion.
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    Ah wow thanks. Normal and magic stats for damage and defence! Some of the weapon texts kind of suggested it must be a thing but I never made the connection. If that's all it is, just a different coloured sword and shield might be more intuitive icons.
    Right, I see now there is no "big fight" that you have to hurry to get to, and plenty of time to walk back to the shop. The red and yellow minions quite happily push each other back and forth on the lanes. Bit of a drag though to click all the way there and back. I guess the idea is to put a cost on a playstyle of roving around the board looking for cash. Kind of bad that the cost is partly paid in UI annoyance of trudging all the way home. It could let you shop instantly anywhere, just increase the prices farther away from base?
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    I agree about the moving across map, which requires a lot of clicks. In DotA-likes you can click once and then wait for your chara to move there. Maybe if you hold down the button then you auto-move in that direction?

    Other notes:

    * Tennor's Dive Bomb states that landing on something deals 2x damage. But I cannot select a tile where "something" is.
    * Boss Towers state that they cannot be harmed by the player, but I think I can attack them.
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    ^Same comments from me.
    Also I got no cards till I noticed somebody in the discord said go to the options screen and clear data. Now I have cards - woo!

    Does pushing the ice cubes around do anything? Seems like there could be an interesting use as tactical cover, but I get shot at over the top of them. I guess you can divert the melee monsters around them.

    Mouse hover should IMO always give "info", not left click. Left click should normally be used for selecting things, but here there's only one controllable thing on the board so I'd make it the most common action (move/melee attack). Right click usually gives access to other actions via something like a popup. I think those are pretty standard mouse conventions. Ultimately all that stuff has evolved to reduce "mouse miles" and number of clicks, which are objectively proven to improve user experience (maybe one of the few things we could say objectively about game enjoyment across all players!)

    The cursor could also be more informative. It highlights all squares the same, but it would be clearer if it e.g. gave a "you can move to here" cursor over the squares we can move to, "you can attack this" cursor over things we can attack, "this is just a square" cursor on squares where click will do nothing, etc. Also with a spell equipped, like Cardioid Blast, it shows the blast going in all 4 directions, when actually it will only go in one. It could highlight just the row under the cursor.
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    Version .0021 Changes
    - Tennor's Cardioid Blast does way more damage but has a longer cooldown
    - Amps now trigger their healing when attacked by one of Tennor's other abilities
    - Amp healing is now based on the player's magic damage
    - Amp healing now gets bonus healing amount based on how much damage it takes
    - Tower base health increased from 600-700
    - Tower health GROWTH increased from 50 to 100
    - Items remixed and rebalanced a lot
    - Lowest cost items don't randomize their value
    - Robots spawn half as often (once every 100 turns)
    - Bugs fixed

    PC: http://www.keithburgun.net/games/ptl/PTL_0021.zip
    MAC: http://www.keithburgun.net/games/ptl/PTL_0021Mac.zip

    (Will respond to the above posts later today)
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    Version .0022 Changes
    - New Monster: Snow Archer (Name TBD)
    - Low damage attack from a distance. High magic resist.
    - Helmet now reduces incoming physical damage by 1.
    - Tennor's Amp rebalanced
    - Fixed custom games showing the wrong thing
    - Well healing increased to 500
    - Winchip's Hack and Hook Arm now use his actual magic damage (which he now has 10 of). - Chant's Pogo now deals magic damage and physical damage
    - Enemy archers do a bit more damage
    - Enemy big minions health slightly down
    - Tons of small bug fixes

    PC: http://www.keithburgun.net/games/ptl/PTL_0022.zip MAC: http://www.keithburgun.net/games/ptl/PTL_0022Mac.zip
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