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    Yo yo yo. Two questions:

    1. What are some of your favorite (and least favorite) logo designs?
    2. What are some of your favorite (and least favorite) car company logo designs?

    I really like a lot of the modern "minimalist" shape/letter inside a circle/oval designs (e.g., Mazda, Acura, Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Lexus, Mercury, Dinofarm Games), though I think the modern Hyundai logo is kind of ugly. It looks more like scary Russian Cyrillic backwards N than healthy morally righteous Latin H.

    I also really like Pontiac and Maserati too (actually, kind of undecided on Maserati; I think it sort of looks more like the emblem of a secret society or something).

    Volvo is ugly IMO. I dislike Porsche and Chrysler.
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    Great thread idea. To get it started, I love the Honda logo but I *hate* the Acura logo. That little tiny piece between the two things is the biggest offender, but also there's too much negative space. It's too much of a "let's twist the H into an A" concept and too little "does this actually look any good?" I also hate the Cadillac logo, which is like 1000 little tiny shapes everywhere. The BMW logo also kinda looks like shit - if they just got rid of the letters it'd be OK (but then probably too simple) but with the letters there it's like, little kid birthday card territory. Mazda, Toyota, Honda are all solid. Mercedes is great, Audi is alright.

    Tesla is one of the best car logo designs, partially because it was designed recently and I think we're in an era of rapid development in graphic design, largely due to the existence of websites.
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    Yes, Cadillac is the one I forgot. I don't like that one very much either.

    They had some weird logos over the years. Look at 1959. How the hell is that supposed to be an appealing logo? Also, some of these are like, the United Federation of Planets or something.

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    Damn! For a second I thought Erenan had come back, but it was just a spambot!
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