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    I know we have a couple of threads that touch on League, but this is meant to be one for people who play the game. So this is for like strategy, personal experiences, news, etc. (You know, like the normal shit people talk about on forums and I never get to talk about because I hate all games. Haha.) If you wanna talk about it from a game design perspective, we have another thread for that.

    I am extremely excited for the new Champion Select feature that's coming, I think tomorrow to NA. One great thing about it is that they're finally embracing "roles" in the game which allows them to construct teams in a way more logical manner.

    Also today they announced a big character redo to Shen, one of the more boring ones that hasn't gotten an update yet.

    I've been jungling a lot. I mostly do Jungle and Support because I feel like those are the most strategic and the least like street fighter or something. For Jungle, I play a lot of Trundle, Khazix, Amumu and Zac. I used to play Elise, I'd like to get back into her, but it's scary playing her sometimes. My main supports are Thresh, Braum, Morgana and Janna.
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    My recent experience is that as soon as I stopped playing the game regularly I became complete garbage. It's impossible to keep up with the patch changes, I laned against a Poppy recently and her damage output might as well have been randomly generated in terms of my ability to predict and play around it.

    I try to get mid, mostly high damage/waveclear champs like Orianna or Zyra. Swain was my go to for a while but he feels awful now, the assassins he used to be worth choosing against just use Thunderlord's Decree/Executioner's Calling and win easily. I've never understood why they keep Grievous Wounds items in the game - they're either worthless junk OR they ruin a whole class of champions. If the heal champions are buffed to be strong enough to exist when GW is worth buying then they're overpowered almost by definition. A lot of wasted design and balance trouble just to give players a boring 'decision'.

    I used to main ADC and support but they patched all the supports I liked and ADC is no fun at all. Sustained DPS feels awful in general, there's so much burst in the game and matches are finishing at 25 minutes so often that you're better off picking champs that do a ton of damage with thunderlord's or can survive said ton of damage.

    I am really excited for the new champ select, but the new champion and the shen rework are tempering that - I thought they hit a good patch of redesigns (the ADC update in particular) but are jumping the shark a bit now. Shen's new Q and Jihn's passive being major culprits.
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    In terms of damage output, I feel like the biggest thing is just looking at items and generally what kinds of items people are building. Of course that requires a necessity to know what the items are. But there are some clues, like if you see a bunch of things that look like swords or magic wands in there, probably they're gonna do a lot of damage, whereas if it looks like armor pieces, they'll probably be tanky.

    I agree, not a fan of Grievous Wounds (or healing TBH) but I think only like 3 characters have that, right?

    ADC is terrible, but have you checked out the new Graves? I like what they did with him. Also they DID spice up the items a little. But yeah it's inherently the worst role of them all.

    How is Shen's Q jumping the shark? It seems really good to me.

    The new champion (Jinn i think is his name) seems actually kind of bland to me. The one thing I found offensive about him was this insane bullshit that was like "his criticals give him move speed, and move speed gives him attack damage, and attack damage gives him magic resist" or whatever the fuck. Other than that he seems like whatever.
  4. banewlf

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    I agree that stat conversions are kind of stupid and don't really add anything. But everything else about Jhin is pretty cool. He's like the third ADC that isn't just a slightly tweaked clone of all others (the other two being new Graves and Urgot, if you count Urgot as an adc [maybe you shouldn't?]).
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    Maybe I'd add Quinn to that too, esp. with the new ultimate. But I dunno, some people don't consider her an ADC for some reason (maybe BECAUSE she can actually kind of do stuff). Like the definition of ADC is "turret character that can't do anything".
  6. banewlf

    banewlf Well-Known Member

    Well the important thing to me about Quinn not being an ADC is that she's never actually in that "slot" on a team. She's either played as a bruiser or jungle. For that same reason, it's probably okay to not consider Urgot an ADC either.
  7. keithburgun

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  8. banewlf

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    I foresee a bumpy road ahead. Not that the change is bad, it's just one that's very prone to edge cases that lead to bad queues/games. It'll probably take a while to iron out the implementation for it and get it in a happy state. But maybe Riot will surprise me and it'll work pretty well right away. Still, I'm expecting the first week of the new queue system for it to be somewhere between unusable and really annoying to use.
  9. keithburgun

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    I played two games. Seems pretty good to me! Granted they were only two games and I won both of them but there seemed to be less team in-fighting, as Riot planned (actually, there was none).

    One oversight: you can declare "pick intent" and show your team mates the character you intend to pick. That's good. Bad: the game allows you to ban a character that another player on your team intends to pick.

    I guess that that's for situations where players all do their pick intent, and then seeing their comp and perhaps the first couple of bans, a player changes their mind and says "ok now I don't want to play Mundo anymore, so actually you should ban him so they don't get him either". Seems like an uncommon case, though, whereas I can see someone just wanting to be a dick and banning another player's intended pick. Not a big deal, though, just something that concerns me.
  10. keithburgun

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  11. banewlf

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    I wouldn't be surprised if it's 2+ weeks before this is actually useable. And many months until it becomes reliable.
  12. keithburgun

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    My prediction is it'll be totally reliable by tomorrow.
  13. keithburgun

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    Ah shit, I was wrong - it was reliable by tonight. What's with the League pessimism?
  14. banewlf

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    Well, the fact that they still haven't implemented a replay feature makes me very pessimistic about any new technical features they add.
  15. Juli

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    RIOT has a history of revealing new features and then not implementing them until, like, a year+ later. Like e.g. they originally revealed that they were working on a graphics update for the game back when, like, Mordekaiser released. I think they finally finished it around Season 5 launch? Season 4 maybe? I forget.

    IDK how much this applies to current RIOT. RIOT going back even just a couple years surely didn't have nearly as many resources as they do now.
  16. keithburgun

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    Yeah my feeling is that the hardcore crowd got turned off by Riot season 1/2/3. I started on season 4, and to me it always felt like there was some basically new company who took over for some old shitty company, or something.
  17. Bucky

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    What's wrong with running Quinn in the ADC slot?
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    I play adc quinnot when I play. I get bitched at constantly. that might just be because I suck.
  19. keithburgun

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    Banewlf I owe you an apology. They've had some server issues and the system has been down now for like 3-4 days. Haha.
  20. banewlf

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    Yeah i've been watching streams and the general sentiment seems to be that even when it's up, it takes wwwaaayyy too long to match. This thing still has some work that needs done on it.

    I have close to 0 faith in Riot's ability to deliver technical features in a reasonable fashion. History seems to back me up. Even "new" Riot has the same track record.
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