Just scored 896 points :)

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  1. DeSangre

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    That should make me #1 overall, but I have a question.

    What's the "highscores" board for?
    E.g. I appear correctly as #1 in the Wizard leaderboard, but I don't even show up under highscores?

    Anyway ^_^ it was fun getting to #1, but the game dragged on definitely way too long IMHO.
    More suggestions later, but in the meantime, a feature that would really make the gameplay less frustrating would be to allow disbanding units when you get the opportunity of training another one.
    As things stand now, you must remember to disband 1 turn earlier, otherwise you lose the possibility of building a new unit. Weird and punishing. :(
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  2. Nachtfischer

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    Those are the highscores of the initial release version, when there were no character classes.
  3. keithburgun

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    Hi @DeSangre! Good call with the disbanding. I'll make sure to do something like that for the next patch. And I will (again) try to do something about limiting game length.

    What eventually ended your game?

    Also, congrats on the super high score.
  4. DeSangre

    DeSangre New Member


    Well Keith the problem is that the game seems to be supposed to end at about 200 points. After that it's honestly a bit of rinse and repeat and any form of deckbuilding gets completely lost. At the end I had something like 240 cards and that makes little sense, if you are marketing this as a deckbuilding game.

    The most basic suggestions I can think of is:
    - Allow the player to purge more cards, more easily. Like, you can purge 1 card at each level up, or paying materials to purge cards, something like that (I'll add on the fly that after you explore all of the maps, materials are aplenty. A meaningful way to use them would be nice. Maybe investing materials to have more food? Like adding the option to build a granary that improves food yield in a square?). I mean something that give the player a sense of progression. A feeling that he can "build his deck" a bit more.
    - Make the monsters progressively harder to beat. Like, an enemy unit type get +1 health every 100 points. Although this would make the scoring (arguably) a bit more random, it would at least make the game more replayable, with "expert" players wondering which unit will become more powerful at turn 100 and so on.
    - It's unclear to me why you don't get victory points for defending. Many times I was just forced to attack a group of monsters right outside my city just to cash in the VP. Felt strange and not very "fun" (unless I missed something).
    - Towers do disappear after being used once. I didn't get they worked that way. I'm not sure it's mentioned anywhere that they do. As things stand, anyway, they feel a bit random and I only used them when I had an excess of materials. Considering how "nomadic" you need to be in this game anyway, maybe making them "permanent" wouldn't be that big of a problem, since sooner or later you're going to abandon the city anyway. This, added with the aforementioned increase in mob strength over time, should make for a more interesting mid-late game.
    - It's impossible (I think?) to know which nest a monster group belongs to. Since destroying nests can be used strategically to remove mobs, it might be a great addition to add this kind of indication.

    - The description for Academy and Keep is wrong on page 19/30. They should be swapped
    - On page 20/30, you state that "You can also train units here." This is not true and if anything, it should explicitly stated that the ONLY way to get new units is to found (or expand) cities. I'm 100% sure this confuses the hell out of a lot of new players. :D On the same page the sentence "Units can be abandoned after selecting one and tapping the abandon button" should read differently, using the term "dismiss".
    - On page 21/22/23 the material cost for units are listed. They should be deleted as they are no longer in effect.
    - Page 26 states that the enemy nests have 7 HP. I'm almost sure they have more.
    - Page 28: "Spell cards are powerful - they are also gained after combat". I don't think so? You gain them as a level 1 improvement?

    What ended my game:
    I think 896 is a very good score, but I didn't play perfectly. The point is that at a certain point, there's no more crystals and no more crystals = no more archers, period. This also means that you'll get less units overall, because first you could go Warrior -> Archer -> Cav, while now it's Warrior -> Farm (or how's it called) -> Cav.
    Since after a certain point you're always going to want more armies over any other things, this becomes a serious problem.
    Then, almost the whole world was purple by that point, so there's little more to squeeze out of it.
    The main problem for me is that the end of the game was a bit uneventful, although luckily the tactical battles were always interesting.

    Feel free to contact me in private if you want to talk in detail about future improvements. I've taken a liking for the game, and I always like to help in balancing things. But more importantly, I feel the game has a great potential, but it's a bit underwhelming at the moment. :)
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  5. Bucky

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    I think the main thing to do to prevent games of that length is to make the map smaller. If he's losing to resource depletion, it's easy enough to make that kick in sooner without causing undue early-game hardship.
  6. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Awesome feedback. Consider it all processed.

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