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Discussion in 'Jelly Bomber' started by keithburgun, Dec 17, 2017.

  1. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Hey! First, go play Jelly Bomber!

    Second, propose some Jelly Bomber character ideas to us. You can talk about theme, the character's name, whatever you come up with. But what we really need are:

    - The active ability!
    - The passive ability! Note that these are not implemented in the game, and these should be very simple. Some could be "once per game", such as "the first time you would die, the bottom row is destroyed" or something. Or they could be "gain +2 XP for strawberries".
    - Least important, but: the XP required for levels 1,2,3,4,5 (each time you fill up the bar, you level up and can use the power. Most bars decrease the required amount for each level, so level 1 might need 80 and level 2 might need 60 and so on.). You don't have to give numbers, you could just say "Gains XP fast" or "Gains XP slow" or "Starts slow and speeds up".

    Here's one to get you started.

    Active: Turn your current piece into a 1x1 "snowball". Turns all nearby fruits into Blackberries, and freezes them. Frozen fruit take 12 turns to thaw, and then they can be matched.
    Passive: Blackberries increase the jam-settle rate twice as much, but Apricot Pits can't be destroyed.
    Moderate XP gain.

    Some kind of high risk character who relies on getting lots of blackberries before he dies - a weird kind of defense/econ guy.
  2. Nomorebirds

    Nomorebirds Active Member

    Here's 4 random ideas

    Active: Create a 1x1 "falling star" that when "rotated" cycles through the colors allowing you to essentially pick its color.
    Passive: Fruitless matches give zero XP. Every match you create that is of a different color than the last adds to a bonus XP combo thing. (If you get a red match +1, followed by a blue match +2, followed by yellow +3, followed by red +4, etc.) If you get two of the same color in a row, you lose your bonus and go back to zero XP from fruitless matches.
    Fast XP gain.

    Active: Stop time for a few turns, while time is stopped garbage can't fall, bomb pieces can't fall (if they get cut off from their support they'll just float there suspended in air), and maybe jam can't rise.
    Passive: One time use - For 1 turn you can press up to move a piece back upwards, essentially giving you unlimited time to place your piece/undo any mistake.
    Alternative Passive: Holding UP stops a piece from falling, can only be held for 1 second or so (not one time use)
    Slow XP gain.

    Active: Create a 1x1 "salvage bot", when it lands, imagine it scans downward for any fruit in a vertical line, if it finds a fruit it is pulled up to the top most block in that row.
    Passive: Gain extra XP from fruitless matches that have more than 4 garbage
    ??? XP gain.

    Active: Charge your next bomb to become "molten", molten bombs can pass through any other pieces on the board (not destroying them). Press UP to stop a molten bomb from moving, ending the turn. Any bomb pieces a molten bomb is on top of after stopping are deleted, any fruit the bomb is on top of deletes that part of the molten bomb.
    Passive: Gain bonus XP from matches that are "under" other pieces (if there are any pieces vertically above the match, then you get bonus XP)
    ??? XP gain.
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  3. NickMakesGames

    NickMakesGames Active Member

    I like how much room for creativity there seems to be with the "my active power replaces the current bomb with some special droppable that has unique rules" pattern. I'm looking forward to seeing how much variety we can squeeze out of that.
    All of these ideas seem neat, and I'll probably try to prototype them to see how they pan out in-game. I am a little worried about Chronobot's passive, though. It kind of just feels like "ocasionally make the turn timer less relevant" as opposed to some interesting wrinkle that pushes you into a unique playstyle
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  4. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    I also like unifying all - or at least most abilities - into "replaces your current bomb". I'm kind of torn on it, because on the one hand I think it's a great way to keep stuff simple for the player, but I also think, especially once we have more than 10 characters or so, it might be too limiting as a hard rule.
  5. richy

    richy Well-Known Member

    Kind of a combined character+gameplay idea. The game could be framed with an 'opponent' who would be controlling bombs falling upwards from the bottom to the top of the screen in essentially the same way as yours are falling down. Your jam rising from the bottom would have to be mirrored by their peanut butter or something growing down from the top. Or the jam-like substance could be unique to each character (axle grease, chili sauce etc). No doubt many other gameplay tweaks would required, like what would happen when our bombs touched theirs.

    But the big win would be that all the characters you could play AS, you would be able to play AGAINST! A factorial increase in variety!

    Edit: oh yes also it would be playable as both 1P and 2P then. Win Win!
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