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    yeah, it's a bit confusing right now. The center tile (itself) should be a different color, maybe yellow. The archer does less damage in the light red areas.
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    Here's another update!

    We've made giant leaps in the combat department - fighting in empire is unlike any other game, and is not what you'd expect in a game like this.

    In an armored, sword-wielding nutshell: Your units line up and charge forward automatically, attacking enemies in range.

    In a balanced encounter, with equal forces on both sides, this would lead to mutual destruction.
    Hah - you won't be defeated that easily, will you? You don't have to, you have combat cards.

    Combat cards are used in combat to alter the tactical landscape: move an archer to a better position, make a warrior do a great swipe-attack or even use a magic healing spell to better your position.

    You only have a few of these cards, but you can use them over and over. You only draw four of them in each combat, however, but as you use cards, new ones take their place. If you run out of cards, your discarded ones are simply placed back into your draw pile again.

    Say, do you guys know the card-game called Dominion? If you do, it saves me a lot of intricate explaining.
    In a flat, printed nutsnell - dominion has you collect more and more cards, to increase your tactical palette.
    But the more cards you get, the less certain are you that you're going to get the ones you want as you draw your cards.

    There is a wealth of depth in this, and in Empire, this is the first time someone (hey, as far as we know!) combines a 4X strategy game with this kind of mechanic.

    Beta tests start soon (our soon is a little sooner than a Blizzard soon, so rejoice!). Look up for info on how to join our beta.

    Keith will have more info soon for you guys.

    Hey, did you all have a look at yet?

    Screen13.jpg Screen14.jpg
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