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    What if your deck also started with "1-Money" cards (themed perhaps as notoriety or glory or something) instead of the starting Strife? They can't be used in combat, but at the end of a battle, some Action cards cost money. This might require us creating a few new card types, but either way, imagine if 50% of the cards cost 1 money and 50% of them cost 0. When it's time to take a new Action card, you draw a new hand of 4 cards, and from that hand you get the money value to buy 1-Money cards.

    The cards it shows you would be like, maybe 2 $0 cards and 2 1$ cards, and also you can always just take a 1-Money.

    I'm thinking that with this change, we'd create a few new 0-money cards, that are crappier than the existing cards. Stuff like "move a unit forward" or "move a soldier up/down" or "+1 Redraw".

    We could maybe keep Strife around, which still happens for the same reasons, but basically you get

    Why? Well, I've been looking for ways to make the deck building aspect kind of work a bit more. Right now I have it that the game gives you extra Grit/Valor cards every 5 turns or something, which is a pretty lazy forced way to cause your deck to get crappier. With the money situation and the 0-cost cards, you'd just naturally have a more polluted deck unless you're working hard to do something about it.

    I might post some more detailed thoughts on this later, but I'd like to get people's initial reactions to this.
  2. keithburgun

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    Here's the idea in more detail:

    • Add “Renown” card to the game.
    • All characters lose their starting Strife, and start with that many Renown instead.
    • A third class of cards, Support, added to the game. Similar to Action cards, but weaker. Support cards use simple icons instead of paintings for their art. Includes:
      • Charge Forward - One unit moves 2 tiles forward
      • Move One Backward - One unit moves 1 tile backward
      • Heal (Weaker version of Blessing)
      • Alchemy (Turn one card in hand into Renown)
      • Bonus Damage - Select a unit, this unit deals +1 damage this turn
      • Retreat One - Move one unit backward 3 tiles
      • Redraw 1 - Gain 1 Redraw
      • All Advance - All units move forward 1 tile
    • When you win a battle you can now choose between 5 cards: 2 random Action Cards, 2 random Support cards, and 1 Renown card.
    • When you win a battle, you draw cards from your deck.
    • Action cards all cost 1 Renown to obtain, which means you must have drawn at least 1 Renown card to gain one.
    • Support cards cost 0 Renown.
    • Renown cards cost 0 Renown.
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    I think this would make the deck-building part alone much more involved and interesting. You'd now have to balance out your deck more. Right now you can't really do much with that because you just receive cards over time. Well, you can sometimes trash some cards, but I guess - besides winning battles obviously - that's about it.

    Two concerns: Especially in the early-game I can see myself getting screwed by drawing the "wrong hand" before buying a card maybe. And thus not quite getting "up to speed" initially. Once you have a decent deck, there should be enough battles so that a balanced money-containing deck should get to buy action cards relatively regularly, though.
    The overall balancing of the game will probably change completely. Because deck-building and fighting are so interwoven, implementing this will also mean having to rebalance the overmap and monsters etc. But that's kind of a "non-problem", I guess, if the time to do it is there.
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    I'm a newbie here and with the game, but based on my limited experience, beefing up the deck building portion of the game sounds very attractive to me. I love the elegant battle rules, but I think the augmenting the deck building would really make the battles shine. Thanks.

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