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  1. Paul Spooner

    Paul Spooner New Member

    How much of the game is hidden information? The cards you will get from a draw, obviously (unless there's a look-ahead mechanic). The cards you will get from defeating a monster? The cards you get from defeating an opponent? Your opponent's hand? Your opponents deck? Opponent's cities and lands? Opponent's army strength and/or composition?
  2. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    All good questions! I don't have answers to all of them yet, though. It's still very early.

    Cards from monster: Maybe. Leaning towards yes, this will be randomly given at the end.

    Cards from defeating an opponent: I don't think you'll get cards for this. Instead you'd get resources. Number of resources wouldn't be random, but they might seem somewhat random to you, not sure yet.

    Opponent's hand: I think this is hidden. But I could see an argument for it being open. Keep in mind that this game is single player, at the moment. It could be made multiplayer but that would be later on, after release.

    Opponent's deck: Probably straight up no, unless we have multiplayer.

    Opponent's cities and lands: As long as you've revealed the area, yeah, you can see them completely. There's no re-fogging, I don't think, but this could be a knob to introduce.

    Opponent's army strength/composition: We will certainly need some way to indicate this. Probably you can just click on an enemy city to see that empire's army, completely.

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