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    It turns out there's only so much time in the day to get things done and I've pretty much hit my limit even with ~6 hours sleep a night, so everything I'm doing is taking 10x longer than planned and I'm finding no time to do other things I'd like to (like keep up to date with this forum [and create run-on sentences like this one]).

    However after spending some months mixing (6/8 tracks on the album have a similar instrument spread so will roughly have the same mix) I've been able to release a preview track from my upcoming album:

    Parts of it may tickle Dinofarm's interest but on the whole it may not be your particular genre. This album was written under the heavy influence of CHON, musical theatre vocal lines, and shorter jazz tracks. I like instrumental music for the most part that stays short to keep things interesting, and has interesting melodies going every which way. Production-wise, this is the first time I've ever been happy with my snare sound (though it took a few months of hating myself to get there).

    What may be of more interest to you all is my previous EP (can we embed bandcamp here?):
    This was during my JazzWave phase. I was listening to a lot of synthwave but wanted to hear more interesting things going on. All written and recorded through a 90's synth. There are more notes in this one as I wrote it without consideration for playability, which is a liberating thing to try. However there are still strong melodic lines throughout, and the arrangements are probably a bit more palatable.

    When I wrote the EP I had enough time in the day to practice a whole bunch of theory, and I was theoretically better at the time. That persisted through part of the new album, but faded out towards the end where I had to make some sacrifices and leant much more heavily on my ear. At this point my music time is spent recording the new album and keeping up enough practice to be able to play it. All worth it though, and I know I can go back to where I was when I'm ready to.

    Keen to hear your thoughts! I've got a few of you on twitter, but if I don't and you dig this stuff, a like on the FB page would be much appreciated <3
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    Production is A+, sounds awesome, except maybe the drums could feel a little more alive somehow. Guitar playing is also awesome.

    As to the composition I'm having trouble following it. It *feels* through-composed, like there's no repetition at all, even though I'm pretty sure there is some repetition somewhere. Basically I think you have like the content for 35 songs in this song. It sounds really good but it's hard for me to really get into because it's so dense. Around 2 minutes is one of the most like "song-y" parts but even that is pretty weird and feels like it's trying to "throw me off the scent."

    Anyway it's really well made. Congrats on putting it together.
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    Keith, thanks for taking the time to listen and lay down some feedback. Hugely appreciated.
    During humanization I kept the kick and and snare timings pretty straight on and varied the rest, and kept the snare velocity almost consistent and varied the rest. Next track ill work on manually varying hit velocities before the auto-humanization.

    Composition-wise, through-composed with more repetition as you approach the end (though harder to pick up if you're not familiar with the track) is a pretty solid description of how I've been doing most of my recent tracks. And the comment about the content for 35 songs actually makes me super happy to hear!
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    I love it! Luckily I decided on a whim to poke my head in here. Glad I did! I think I did follow you on Twitter but maybe not. I'm gonna double check and make sure cause if the rest of the album is like this track then I want it! I'll share it with my prog friends. They'll love it.
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    Thanks Erenan!

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