Games you Intend to Play in 2018

Discussion in 'Games (and Other Interactive Entertainment)' started by keithburgun, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. keithburgun

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    Hey everyone! What's on your list of games to play in 2018?

    Here's some of mine:
    - Zelda (gotta maybe finish it? I don't know, conflicted)
    - Mario Odyssee (same deal. I mean I spent 60 bucks on the damn thing I should probably just power through)
    - Divinity Original Sin I and II - someone still makes RPGs for people who aren't babies!
    - Pillars of Eternity (someone told me this was like the real PS:T sequel)
    - The new Civ 6 expansion (comes out in Feb)
    - Slay the Spire (everyone on the Discord is saying it's good)
    - Cinco Paus (Viva says it's good, plus Michael Brough is generally good)
    - Some Uwe Rosenberg games hopefully. Pretty much any I can get my hands on.
  2. Batlad

    Batlad Well-Known Member

    I'll be playing more Cine Paus, but there's not much else I'm looking forwards too. I'll try slay the spire once its a bit further along development. And I'm nearing the end of a hotseat Darkest Dungeon run. Might play some more gwent in a few months.
  3. Nomorebirds

    Nomorebirds Active Member

    Here's some off the top of my head:

    -Finish NieR: Automata
    -Hollow Knight
    -Slay the Spire
    -Dark Souls Remaster (not sure if this counts)
    -Persona 5
    -Code Vein
    -Resident Evil 7
    -Night in the Woods
    (not sure how many I'll be able to get to though, probably only a few)

    I've been playing Gwent recently, which has been fun, but I'm not sure how long that will last.

    I am currently super interested in giving Go a serious shot, so I expect to spend at least a bit of time this year doing that. Seems like a good idea as a game designer to actually play Go anyways.

    And I'll keep playing Heroes of the Storm, as I have yet to encounter a game I can play as much and enjoy playing as much of as it. Though, I am getting pretty tired of playing a team based game (which is at least partly fueling my interest in Gwent and Go)

    Edit: Guess I should add Shiren DS to the list, and also Bangai-O Spirits maybe.
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