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Discussion in 'Game Design' started by Tariq Thunder, Aug 31, 2017.

  1. Tariq Thunder

    Tariq Thunder New Member

    I am a young college student studying the ways of game design. I am bad at drawing and wish to write the narrative, narrative design, and learn to program and code. I wish to extend my arms from New York and meet other designs who wishes to show the world the art of our medium. Any or all advice for me in my stride is well appreciated because I want the world to see that games can save lives and can show the world a more clean way of settling conflict. I want to use games because games shape the youth and only the youth can be the world's saving grace. By learning how to be better myself I can help make a great change. Please. I want to become and study game design and make my weakness my strengths. Thank you for your kindness and time to read my tread.
  2. Bob Shelline

    Bob Shelline Well-Known Member

    Hey, welcome! Do you have some programming experience already? Are you looking for tips on how to teach yourself programming? As far as narrative goes, these forums tend to be focused much more on the strategic mechanics of games, so you'll find plenty of great discussion on those topics.
  3. Tariq Thunder

    Tariq Thunder New Member

    No I do not. The only experience is the baby steps from Mousetrap and what I an goning to learn this current school semester.
  4. SwiftSpear

    SwiftSpear Active Member

    Don't let the system designers on this forum convince you narrative design is a lesser goal than system design. I would recommend learning some programming, even if you fall out of game design it's likely to be useful down the road.
  5. Bob Shelline

    Bob Shelline Well-Known Member

    I've really been enjoying the Elm programming language, and I feel like learning this type of programming can accelerate your learning and progress. Elm does a great job of helping you learn the concepts piece by piece and developing your skills over time with less of the headache that I've had in object oriented programming.

    You can get resources for it here:

    As for narrative design, there are two books on writing in general that I recommend:
    The Anatomy of Story by John Truby
    Invisible Ink by Brian McDonald

    These are some building blocks that can help as you develop your own theories for how to effectively tell stories through interactive entertainment.
  6. Tariq Thunder

    Tariq Thunder New Member

    Yeah I am currently in school learning game design and the creators from Extra credits kinda helped me reach out to meet other game designers, programmers, sound producers, etc and I want to make myself not perfect but make myself known. Plus a forum is the best place because everyone has a suggestion and since this a game designer forum I highly doubt trolls are gonna give me excrement for advice.
  7. Spittledrum

    Spittledrum Member

    You call out narrative - there are regular IF creator meetups in cities around the world that are welcoming to people of all experience levels. If you're coming from a writing, not technical background, IF can be a good community to create, share and get crit from because the tools are so approachable, like Twine. Check out Emily Short's blog and twitter - she amplifies these meetups and competitions, plus she is one of the best sources for finding good writing on game narrative, especially from an academic bent. If her topics on the blog resonate with you, the comments are active and the community very welcoming.
  8. SwiftSpear

    SwiftSpear Active Member

    I don't think people here will intentionally give you bad advice, but the type of game design you want to do is somewhat (unfairly in my opinion) looked down on by some influential members here. There's an opinion that game design should be moving away from linear or mapped narrative and story line towards more systemic narrative (like the story that unfolds when two teams compete against each other in League of Legends)

    You're absolutely welcome here, I just want you to be forewarned and not take criticism of narrative design too personally.

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