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    With the 1.3 update done*, CMS and I both agree that it might be cool to add some extra expansion feature to Empire that costs $1 or $2. What we're thinking of doing is creating a new Emperor, one with some really crazy power that really changes the game a lot. I'd love some thoughts on what kind of Emperor you guys would like to see.

    Another thing I'd love to do is sell an extra "Boss Mode". Boss Mode is similar to the existing mode, except the map is more like a "line" that heads directly up, and is maybe 20 tiles across. The length is pretty long, but slightly random, and at the top there is a HUGE monster base, consisting of 4-6 monster lairs. Once you reveal them, they start spitting monsters out at you, so you only have so much time to take them out before you'd be wiped out. Obviously we'd remove VP and change that out where it exists for something else. It's basically a simple, "kill the boss and win, die and lose" situation. Honestly if I could start over I'd make the base gameplay be like this, but I feel like changing the base gameplay at this point to that is probably TOO much of a change.

    Anyway, give me your thoughts on what you'd like to see in future updates in general, not just in terms of IAP but also free updates too.

    * I am fully aware we'll need to balance it, possibly both in the next few days before we launch it AND possibly as a 1.3.1 post update
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    I want to thoroughly play the new version before putting too much thought into that, because all I have in mind is the "old version", that, going by the patch notes, almost seems like a different game.

    But if you want something "crazy" and game-changing for the new Emperor, maybe consider giving him abilities to manipulate the overmap? Maybe he can channel the monster armies' movement in some way or smite them before going into battle or something. Or maybe he can mind-control an army and if he manages to let them run into another, they will wipe each other out. :p
  3. JeremyR

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    Not only a new general but a new troop type with said general would make it worthwhile.
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    I love the idea of a boss mode endgame, augmented with a score so you know how efficiently you beat the boss.

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