Escalating protest tactics

Discussion in 'Politics, Etc.' started by garcia1000, Mar 7, 2017.

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    both, I suspect a lot of people for whom he was not on their radar before went and looked him up when they saw him get punched in the name of talking about a pepe the frog pin. I think people who were already somewhat supportive of him are now deeper behind him. They can't even practice their free speech on their opinions without someone literally assaulting them on the street any more?

    To be fair he probably gained a lot of new enemies as well, going from a virtual unknown to a household name amounst politically aware youtube watchers.

    For a guy like Richard Spencer though, there's no such thing as bad publicity. When ever you advertise, no matter how horrified and negative that advertisement is, a person or place people who aren't allowed to talk about what they actually believe can gravitate towards, you've done nothing but make that movement stronger.
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    Is this a thing that is okay to say on these forums?
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    What's not ok about it
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    The explanatory portion of the post I have no problems with, the labelling of a group of people as 'Jews' seems problematic unless there is some context I'm missing.
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    Identifying facts is not problematic to me, not being racially aware is racist. From what I can remember it was local Jewish group/synagogue and their hate group called Love Lives Here, but check the facts yourself if you like.
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    Okay fair enough, I guess it just needed more context.
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    I kind of doubt the global community of Jews unilaterally decided to shit on Richard Spencer's mom.
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    Did somebody say it was the global community of Jews though?

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