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    With AURO, it always helped me a lot to visually draw out some of the feedback loops, counters and other systems of the game. Very early in the process, I did some of this, but a lot of the old charts I had were on paper and are now obsolete anyway. So here's the first draft of some new ones.

    I haven't gotten into the kinds of buildings, or the kinds of units yet. Both of them could have direct relationships with certain things. Like, maybe if there aren't a lot of mountains, there's some relationship between that and a certain kind of building for example. This is just the basics, for now.

    What do you think? Feel free to add your own modifications / additions etc.


    EDIT: BTW, this also is with the new concept in mind - that buying units can be done at any time.

    Also I haven't included exploration yet, which would now be actually reliant on food AND materials, if it's something you can do when you level up your city.
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  2. Bucky

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    How does Policing work in this model? Can it be done at any time also?
  3. Senator

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    Is Policing a different mode that I somehow haven't encountered yet? What are you referring to?
  4. Bucky

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    Policing currently replaces adding to your army when your army is full. It gives you an extra Trash.
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