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  1. Nachtfischer

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    But isn't it important what's already explored in terms of finding a great new place to build a city? Like, if you already have a column of 2 forest and 1 mountain visible, you might want to explore next to this column rather than next to just three plains?

    I don't know, at the moment with all the exploits it's probably not too meaningful, but to me it feels like it SHOULD be important at least.
  2. donderper

    donderper Well-Known Member

    Can I make a similarly neophytic observation about the combat. Still not fully sure how it works. You want there to be an odd number of spaces between you and the enemy line otherwise you get instawiped out?
  3. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    Very good point about exploration currently being a non-decision. Although I do think that SOMETIMES it's a decision because of what Nacht just said, it's not often enough a decision. It would also be WAYYY more user-friendly to just have an "EXPLORE" button that reveals area.

    I would actually say maybe exploring should explore 1 tile in ALL Directions. That way, each time you explore, it costs more too, as more area is being revealed.

    Certainly not by design, but this might SLIGHTLY be a problem now due to characters having attack patterns that are too wide. Like Archers do 1 damage up front/melee, but 3 damage at a diagonal, so you can avoid that by just not being in their line of fire.

    Perhaps Soldiers can only attack in front of them, and Cavalry can only attack... in some other pattern maybe? Maybe they always charge when there is exactly 1 tile between them and a monster, orthogonal direction, dealing 2 damage?
  4. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    I have a number of unit changes in the pipe, maybe I'll make a thread about that.
  5. Bucky

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    The odd space rule is true in all the mirror matches, at least. Also, the front ranks of the armies start separated by an even number of spaces. This should inform your turn 1 play; Halt All is a lot better than it looks.
  6. Nachtfischer

    Nachtfischer Well-Known Member

    Probably a good idea, also since materials are still abundant. They only go up to 120 now, but they pretty much stay at max all the time.

    Also, a 6 vs. 9 battle still feels pretty crowded and tedious (i.e. calculation/counting-heavy). Smaller battles seem much more fun to me.
    But the unit changes and different attack patterns might deal with that already...
  7. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    The thing with "calculation" is, you really only have to calculate stuff based on what cards you have. Actually, probably the most calculation-heavy card is something like Move Any because it gives you so much control... which is probably reason #3 or 4 to change that card.
  8. Kuranes

    Kuranes Member

    Hello! I just had a grand game of Empire! Surely more will follow and feedback will increase/improve with additional games, but for now here are my experiences:

    Firstly, the Help section. I think it were a bit "all out at once". It would be nice if it were sectioned to better sort out information, so that relevant info could be upfront and less relevant (town upgrades for instace) could be held a bit back.

    I really like the tier system of cities, and its made very easy to understand. Information like upgrades and city level deductable at a glance, same goes for Monster cities, although they dont contain upgrades. But I think stuff like the relative resistance is hard to guage.

    As for combat itself, I only had 3 minor problems with it (most likely what resulted in my army getting swept away a few times in a row, and gave me an untimely loss):
    1. Although I -now- remember the attack patterns of units, combat can get a bit trial and error-y early on, and some mid battle information (like a tooltip of the unit profile) would be an immense help.
    2. In the same vein as the above, I never really figured out which monsters were which until rather late in the game. Leading to more trial and error, failed hypothesis' and more dead units.
    3. Finally I never -really- figured out how to discard, it were something you could do with a full army or something? If thats the case my constant losses must've prevented it, leaving me with a ton of Strife with no way to discard.

    But it luckily isn't all doom and gloom. First of all, I had a good laugh once I realised the bearded warriors featured a fancy moustache! And I had a good (but brief..) experience with the combat once I got the hang of it, but by then I had 6-7 monster dens eyeing my hungrily. As for cards I really enjoyed the Free Move (any) card, but found stuff like Tactics and Play a action twice-cards rather useless since its so rare I'd have enough cards of that type on my hand (but again, may be due to my lack of discarding).

    I really -really- enjoyed cavalry, since units seem to attack all available targets, this means that if cavalry gets "the charge" they can kill an entire rank of monsters, plus they can kill warriors by simply flanking them, and take warriors place when it comes to archers since they can just approach directly and avoid fire. So I didn't ever really feel the need for warriors, since the cavalry seemed vastly better and I'd be able to get them for free along with a city upgrade anyhow. And as for archers, I never really upgraded a city to the point of actually trying them. So my fights were mainly cavalry-schenanigans using cards like Free Move or Cavalry Move to make sure I got the first hit, with the 3 damage they can one-shot anything.

    As for my score, I ended up with 7 Victory Points (I think 2 of them is due to the academy, but they were all from combat, no feasts here), lasted 87 Days and had 6 or 7 monster lairs eyeing me hungrily. Oh yeah, and my match were actually interrupted by a "Low Battery" warning! :)
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    Maybe this post should be merged into this thread for the sake of structural clarity.
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    Nacht: Done!

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