Empire 1.3 changes (previously was "1.2")

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    Good idea. I'll see what we can do about that.
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    Heya !
    Just logged in to say, I find it kinda sad that the emprerors are getting "less different" now (with a max command of 2 / max redraw of 1).
    If possible, please, please ensure these stay different enough so they stay interesting.

    A good way to do this would be to add, say, 3 unique cards to each emperor (They would all start with one unique card and the others would have to be earned somehow... maybe by paying 3 gems ?)
    Maybe even balance them

    IE :
    Shirin: Gets access to unique cards (tactical ? Spells ?) that enhance the moving/skirmish ability of your army
    Examples :
    - Warcry : Your units instantly attack if they can (Great for Warriors / Riders)
    - Battle Tempo : Instantly redraw all the other cards in your hand (IE : redraw 1-3 cards instantly)
    - Reposition : Move 1 to 3 units 1 horizontal/vertical space

    Senator: Gets access to unique abilities that buffs your army / debuffs opponents
    Examples :
    - Intimidating Orders : A spell that forces your enemy unit to not move this turn and grants you +2 redraw.
    - War speech : A spell that increases your unit damage by 1 and lower your enemy unit damage by 1 until next turn.

    Wizard: Gets access to unique spells that have a "wizard" feel to it, and grant unique abilities, but do not buff/debuff unit on the board
    Examples :
    Teleport - lets you move a friendly OR enemy unit 1-2 spaces in any direction
    Mind Control - Target enemy attacks their friends this turn, as if it was your own unit
    Meteor - Same as current

    If an ability is too powerful, you would make it cost 2 command points (IE : Mind Control)

    Other features that would be welcome :
    - To be be able to pass recieving a card after a victory : There comes a time, if you're doing the right things when you don't want to add cards to your deck anymore. If it's a balancing issue, maybe add a cost to it ?
    - To be able to remove cards other than strife more easily : Same problem : as your deck evolves, some cards become useless. Attach a cost to it if required.
    - A card reference menu, where one can see all existing cards - I haven't seen that, and I think it would be a welcome addition.

    Regarding 1.3 proposal :
    - Gaining strife when your city levels up feels.. uncool. If feel like you'll get way, way too much strife in your decks with your current 1.3 proposal
    - Destroying a nest should add another small benefit, IE : That nest doesn't respawn for the next X weeks (Otherwise, I find there's ... a very low incentive to attack nests)
    - Regarding your level increasing the strife in the default deck : bad, bad, bad idea - will make leveling unfun (Strife is good for attrition, but horribly sucks as a mechanic at the beginning of the game - starting with 10 strife cards would make for very unfun games.) Or, if you add that "level" part, please let someone start a game at the level he wants, up to his currently maximum attained level (Winning/Losing wouldn't add/remove XP in that case).
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