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    Dungeoneer is high tier with a shallow ability pool. His strengths are consistent and strong damage, due to double and triple shots, and multiple ways out of sticky situations. His weaknesses are the normal monster weaknesses, and starting without food.

    Cloaking Device is the key power ability. It about as good as being invincible for 5 turns - AoEs and boss attacks can still do damage, but enemies will walk away in the meantime, giving you breathing room when you reappear. And the enemy-repelling effect lasts for two turns longer than the invisibility.

    Ranged Shot gives the ability to apply continuous damage while invisible. Get ASAP in a survival-run; Cloaking+Ranged Shot is your main combo, strong enough to let you go toe to toe with Mini-Satans.

    Grappling Hook is mostly overshadowed by Cloaking Device. But its cheap energy cost means it has some uses in score or survival play, and it's the Dungeoneer's main ability in a speedrun. Its mechanics are a bit obscure; when you hook a solid object, it starts looking for places to put you immediately above the target and proceeds clockwise until it finds an open spot. So you will usually end up above or right of the hook target, even if it means hooking through the target. Also, while the ability-target display only shows walls that are in vision range, the ability has a much larger range and can hit walls almost anywhere onscreen (except the very top and bottom) as long as there's a clear shot.

    Arrow Turret does piddly damage. But it can also block for you while you unload Ranged Shots, and is extremely tanky.

    Hammer Trap is an anti-boss weapon. It's sometimes possible to drop one inside a boss before they spawn, to hit it multiple times per turn.

    Full Auto is a devastating ultimate attack whose chaotic effect is proportional to your remaining mana. But it also randomly throws grenades, which can randomly kill you. So I would recommend avoiding it.

    Finally, Rail Platform seems to be not worth using, while Telepad is dedicated speedrun tech that comes online too late to use in actual speedruns.

    Altogether, Dungeoneer does a reasonable Fairy imitation - Grappling Hook for mobility instead of Teleport, Cloaking to replicate the damage-avoidance of an ongoing Purify and Ranged Shot to mimic wand attacks - with the downside of being a monster and the upside of triple-shots for bonus damage.
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    Dungeoneer is also quite possibly the best class for Easy mode speedruns with the new, open levels.

    The build I use is Grappling Hook -> Cloaking -> (Genie fight) -> Ranged Shot -> Hammer Trap, winning at level 6. Omitting Ranged Shot and winning at level 5 might also be viable*.

    Movement comes from short walks to position yourself for long hooks. Despite being spammed throughout the run, hooks are precious. Each one should buy at least 4 turns (5 distance), either by bypassing enemies, zipping to the top or bottom targetable rows, or by moving diagonally where both the horizontal and vertical parts are useful. 4-distance zips are permissible as a way to spend excess energy, and 3-distance zips are sometimes necessary when the energy bar is full.

    Hook has a number of corner cases to be aware of. Isolated barrels can be targeted from above or from the sides down to about a 45 degree angle, but not from below. Similarly, many corners can only be targeted from one direction and heavy diagonals. On the other hand, if you can target a corner, you can often hook through it onto a straight wall on the other side. It's usually worth walking a turn to set up a hook-through, as you'll gain a turn from being ejected in a more helpful direction. Finally out of sight enemies alter your possible hook targets; it's often possible to infer the presence of an enemy from a hook target being unavailable, and sometimes possible to hook an otherwise unusable barrel from below because it has an enemy above it.

    Since more energy -> more Hook, using Cloaking outside of a boss fight must save at least 6 turns, so it's usually better to double-hook around an enemy group, or kill it, than to cloak through it.

    *With Ranged Shot, gaining a level for hammer trap takes 3-8 turns. But the level comes with an energy increase that saves 3-4 turns, extra damage to shave 1-2 turns off the Satan fight, and the ability to remove inconvenient enemies.

    Winning at level 4 isn't viable because Hammer Trap does 5 damage per hit instead of 10.
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    I've just found another speedrunning trick, which I call a 'chest warp'. Use Grappling Hook to get on top of a treasure chest, then read a scroll, and you end up somewhere else.

    (E): Apparently, it doesn't work with all scrolls! It works with increase strength, increase health and increase energy, but didn't work with 2 scrolls of resistance 50 or accuracy 20.

    (E2): It isn't just scrolls. Confirmed to also work with red potions (at full health), yellow potions, blue potions, drumsticks and heal meals.

    (E3): Chest warping to escape is extremely dangerous; unlike warp tiles, enemies at the destination will attack you the turn of a chest warp.
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  4. Bucky

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    My current fastest win with Dungeoneer is 241 turns. To put that in perspective, the nonrandom boss levels have 114 squares along their combined entrance->boss trigger and boss trigger -> exit paths.
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    Is it possible to upload a video of you doing that? If you could I'd write a Dinofarm thing about it.
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    I attempted to record a speedrun last week, but it turned out to be not so straightforward on my antique hardware.
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    I've refined the XP route further. It now depends on the highly inconsistent amount of XP gained from the Genie fight.

    If I'm level 4 after the Genie fight, I take the improved ranged attack and finish at level 6.
    If I'm level 5 after the Genie fight but not within 100 XP of level 6, take Hammer Trap, avoid any further combat before the final boss fight, and try to collect a dodgeball in Hell 1 to use as my main attack on the final boss.
    If I'm within 100 XP of level 6, I hold the skill point until at least Dungeon 5. If I get the opportunity to snipe a pair of ghosts, take Ranged Attack and snipe them. If I get the opportunity to quickly grab 100+ XP in Hell 1, take Ranged Attack. Otherwise, arrive at Satan, spend the floating skill point on Hammer Trap and suffer the 'slow' 10 turn boss fight.

    I don't know what causes the inconsistent XP, but I suspect the Genie's cleanup routine that kills the beetles also grants XP from some of the bypassed enemies from earlier in the Bandit Hole.
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    this is amazing

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