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Discussion in 'Push the Lane! (A Keith Burgun Game)' started by keithburgun, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. richy

    richy Well-Known Member

    Any thoughts of co-op play in PTL? The map seems to be of a size now that it might need a lot of clicking for a single avatar to get around.
  2. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    I would generally be okay with the idea of it, but we'd need to find a way around these two issues:

    1. Huge development costs of doing good multiplayer (might not be that big an issue, i dunno)
    2. Do players have to wait for other players to move before they can move? If so I feel like it would be really clunky (a big issue).

    We'd have to maybe make it real time or something, which is a whole nother huge can of worms. More likely we could do this with Alakaram. Although in both cases I'm focusing first on single player.
  3. richy

    richy Well-Known Member

    Yes I see co-op turn based would be problematic. It would need the ability to make default moves for a player if they took too long. E.g. after Alice enters her move, Bob would get 2 seconds to move or his avatar would do a default move. Or something, IDK. Focusing on single player has to be right to start with anyway.

    I just hope there isn't too much clicking around the large map to get to places. It's not like a real-time game where like you said last year the walking between locations is a crucial period of thinking time. In TBS you can think as much as you like between moves anyway.
  4. keithburgun

    keithburgun Administrator, Lead Designer Staff Member

    We could maybe do a Crypt of the Necrodancer style thing where every second, both players are allowed to make a move, but if they don't, their turn is skipped, and skipped turns don't give you passive gold, or something.


    So much has been getting done.
    - All four bosses are COMPLETELY DONE with the exception of the King, who will summon Knights and who will have a hook into Quests of some kind.
    - - Demon Bear knocks minions to the side a few tiles. This is cool because he doesn't actually push the lane as much as other bosses, more bypasses it
    - - Spirit Archer is magic immune and deals magic damage at range (getting in close, she has to use her weak melee attack). Upon death she deals damage to a nearby tower (can be used to help with rushdown if you get her fast).
    spirit archer.png
    - - Dragon has the best stats overall and has a fire-breath attack (a lot like Tennor's E). Probably flames will spread all around later.
    - - King right now just has a lot of armor and high attack damage but low health. More coming soon.
    - The "info panel" now works for items and units, when you click on stuff it tells you information!
    - When you hover over a monster that would kill you, you get a red selection square
    - Win/loss screens are fancy and work

    So much other stuff. Don't have much time to write it all down because gotta keep moving!

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